What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Last weekend was a good weekend for me playing video games. I finally finished the second half of The Last Of Us, which I liked, but didn't love. The I got stuck into some Rayman Legends, which just looks stupidly gorgeous. It shows what is possible when you truly put a AAA budget towards a modern 2D platformer. This weekend? I'm playing a game that reminds me why I love games.

That game is Metroid Prime.

I've always wanted to replay Metroid Prime, mainly because I found an elusive copy of the Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii and always figured I'd find the time to play through it one more time. Now that GTA V is close to release, and next gen consoles are just around another corner, it really feels like it's now or never. If I don't play through Metroid Prime now, I'll never play it.

So throughout the week that was, I've been playing an hour here and an hour there. It's crazy to me how well this game has aged. In 480p, on my Wii U, it looks better than many modern games. Metroid Prime is almost 11 years old. That's insane to me. I don't think a better designed game has been released in those 11 years. I'm still in awe of it. It still feels fresh. And I still feel that glorious sense of discovery, despite the fact this is my third time playing through.

So that's what I'll be playing this weekend, how about you?


    Well, I finally finished the main story of Alan Wake. So I'm going to try and finish the bonus episodes. Just counting down to GTA V.

    BOARD GAMES tomorrow and probably more Dark Souls. I'm up to Duke's Archives so things are really powering along now.

    I'd like to think that I'll try all sorts of cool indie games and churn through more of my pile of shame... but the reality is that I'll get stuck playing Payday 2. :(

    i'm ignoring all current games i have and playing GTA IV Ballad of Gay Tony DLC that i never got around to and also Kingdoms of Amalur because despite loving it I never got very far into it

    Another little LAN party with some mates so we'll be playing Torchlight 2 I think, and dabble in some Battlefield 3. Fun times! Pity I have to drive back to the coast straight after... no drinkies for me :(

    Got that Guacamelee! game. Because - I loved metroid. Not sure if I'm sold on the wrestling theme, but I've read a lot of positive reviews about it.
    All portable action anyway as I'm traveling all weekend.
    Metroid prime was an incredible game but the "travel over the entire map to get the parts to the keys" bs at the end put me off replaying it.

      Its a very fun and challenging game,,, maddeningly difficult at times, but very good overall

    The only game I'm playing is the GTA V waiting game. Hurry up Monday night!

    Games are on the back burner this weekend. I have 2 seasons of Breaking Bad to punch through first.

    I was planning on finally picking up BioShock Infinite and playing through that.


      Works out to about $20

    Games will be far and few between this weekend but hopefully will get some Hitman Absolution in and maybe some ArmA III but I don't like my chances

    Arma 3. Even though it's currently lacking a campaign.

    Finally platinum-ed FF XIII, ripped through Spec Ops: The Line, and just today dived into Assassin's Creed III. This was all done whilst replacing my PS3 (whose BD laser decided to crap itself on Wednesday).

    Vita-wise, it's Lego LotR to platinum (hopefully) with maybe some Miku or Kickbeat mixed in.


    so ill see you guys in 8 years when 3 comes out.

    Bit of quake 2 Deathmatch on some Aussie servers. Bit of a machine for pigs. Bit of payday 2. Then guitar practice.

    Going to make a serious effort to fnish Lost & Damned and play Journey. Still haven't decided if I am picking up GTAV on Tuesday or getting it later. I feel like as soon as everyone else is playing it and hyped I'll decide to go get it, which is what usually happens when I try to tell myself I don't have time for another game right now so it can wait. The reason why this is relevant to the question is because if I am getting GTAIV I will feel time-pressured. If I am not, I won't.

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    Final Fantasy VII. Gunna finish it this time *!

    Also probably some pass the parcel or something, as it's my son's first birthday party.

    *probably not.

    I'll be wrapping up HyperDimension Neptunia: Victory and playing some Rayman: Leg Ends. There'll probably also be some Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention and Etrian Odyssey IV as well as maybe a bit of Diablo 3 or Dynasty Warriors 8. It's gonna be a pretty veggie weekend.

    Well, as it's Friday the 13th, I decided to pick up Amnesia: Machine for Pigs to play tonight, which will probably roll over into tomorrow. Other than that, probably some Dragon's Dogma and some Little King's Story.

    Hanging out for GTA V. Probably will barrel through Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations while I wait. Then maybe The World Ends With You.

    Finished Ducktales during the week, so I'll be continuing with Puppeteer, only up to the second act, but it's a great little game so far.

    If I finish that, I dunno, I really want to do a playthrough of GTA: San Andreas before Monday (which I started last night), but I've still got a heap of games in my pile of shame, that I'm halfway through, that I really should be knocking out. Like Darksiders II, Dead Island, Deadpool, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron, Bulletstorm, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Disney Infinity, Ghostbusters: The Game, God Of War III and Heavy Rain.


    Well, I'll be spending most of my time on buses, planes and waiting so I'll just be on the 3ds for the weekend. Might be playing some animal crossing and pokemon black

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