What Are You Playing This Weekend

Well this is going to be a stupid question for most of you...

I'd imagine most of you will either be...

a) Playing Grand Theft Auto V or

b) Not playing Grand Theft Auto V to spite all those people playing Grand Theft Auto V.

Me? I'll be doing a bit of both. I've put about two hours into GTA V so far and I'm enjoying it. As someone who thinks Red Dead Redemption is the greatest game of this generation, it's got a lot to live up to.

But I won't be playing GTA V exclusively. I've been replaying Metroid Prime on my Wii U recently and while I expected to give it up when the next big thing arrived, I've been so incredibly amazed by how well the game has held up that I expect I'll continue playing until I finish it. Metroid Prime and Grand Theft Auto V. That's quite the choice I have there!

What are you all playing this weekend?


    GTA IV!

      Same! I've played quite a number of hours already and still only put a small dent in the game. Truly a massive open-world sandbox.

      Fuck yea, GTA 4 on PC. Get back into the joy. Multi has been going off this week!

      still waiting for my $20 saving pre-order to arrive for V, but in meantime appreciating the increased hoon factor in IV than San Andreas :)
      PC though, GTA IV was ported to PC seamlessly :)
      will be awkward getting back to using ps3 for actual gaming :/

    Aliens Colonial Marines and I guess if I have time, GTAV

      You poor, poor soul.

        Unpopular opinion time!

        Aliens Colonial marines isn't actually that bad ... well, the sound design's pretty awesome and any of the parts that don't actually include combat make you feel like you're in the Aliens universe, combat's pretty average and the critical spots on aliens tend to be a bit weird ( I can empty a shotgun into a xeno's face and it might go down, but if one pellet grazes its legs. It's an instakill). Drunk Co-op is fun

    I'm with you on RDR - I miss riding my horse. Plus I'd rather be playing on my PC... Anti-Aliasing!!!

    I'm honestly starting to consider picking up GTA V today despite saying I would wait for the PC version.

      It's a PS3 game man, I fear the PC port is going to feel awful unless you play with a controller. It controls beautifully on the PS3!

        But, master race. I have a feeling that I may be buying it during my lunch break.

          I'm leaning the same way but I only have an Xbox, no PS3, and I refuse to pay Microsoft to play online. And that multiplayer looks sooo sweet...

          I feel you man, but GTA's home is on the PlayStation, it feels right. It's the right thing to do! Plus you get to partake in online shenanigans in a few weeks if you buy now! All this plus more can be all yours for the low low price of 4 easy instalments of $19.95!

          If you have that feeling then your wallet is most certainly doomed -$79

          Im going to take my 360 version back and wait for PC personally, i want mods and better visuals, as well as better control.

        I had this thought when 4 came out, played really well on console and I thought the PC port would be crappy. Turned out pretty damn good, Rockstar has a tradition of doing proper PC releases. Max Payne the most recent, which was a great port except for the match making service

          Have you controlled the helicopters in IV on PC with a keyboard? :P Worst things ever. Though that never stopped me finishing the game three times & the episodes twice. But still awful, awful controls. Also the no feedback or whatever the triggers give you on a controller with vehicles sucks, it's all or nothing with a keyboard do not like :(

            I hear ya man, I have come to know the controls so well it isn't an issue for me. I have played all GTA's on PC from the 1st, so its a tradition thing as well. Definitely the controls can be a bit harsh, but the controller support is pretty good if you want it. I really, really want to play it, but I will feel wrong not getting excited on 1st boot up if it aint on PC

              Same. I've now played them all on console & on PC, I love the fast load times and graphical advances on PC, but there's something about sitting back in font of a TV playing GTA haha.

              I also went and bought a pro owned PS3 the other week just so I could play GTA V on release hahaha.

            So plug in a joystick or a 360 controller, and have the best of both worlds.

    Rayman Legends. Although I don't think I'll get too much time this weekend :(

    World of Tanks, FTL and Borderlands 2 (Campaign of Carnage)

    But no GTAV... 0 care factor.

    I'm playing Drive To Canberra And Hope That Taybies Don't Eat Me.

      A dangerous game with no extra lives. Good luck!

    I have a brand new TV, sound system and TV cabinet arriving today at 3ish. I'm going to set this up first and then play GTA for 43 hours straight.

    I'll be playing some D3 mixed with Rayman's Leg Ends and Agarest War Zero. There'll also be some Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention and Etrian Odyssey IV in there too I imagine.

    I couldn't upvote anyone because no ones said it yet... GRAND THEFT AUTO FIVE.

    Well since I finished the main story of GTA V, I guess that means it's either time for a replay of the game, or explore more and do side missions.

      Once I finish, I'll be 100%ing this biatch.

        I think that's what I may do. Even if my PS3 does warm my room up to a toasty summers day on the Gold Coast lol.

    GTAV most likely, my blasted little brother accidentally over-wrote my save last night and I was about 25% through the story (sad-face). That said I recently started a new game in Ni No Kuni and I have a surprising itch to sink some hours in to that. The 2 games could not be further apart in tone though...

      I have both of these on the go myself. Ni no kuni's just about the most charming jrpg I've eve played, but GTAV...

    Well, you'll all be glad to know I finished Alan Wake (including the special episodes) just in time for GTA V!

      Alan Wake & Alan Wake Nightmare were great games, good choice.

    Dishonored. I'm 3/4 through a Clean Hands / Ghost play-through.


    Just spent all morning getting my butt handed to my by Manus (Manus used Fury Swipes, it's Super Effective. Trjn used Weep, nothing happened!)

      That is the one fight than I spent like 40 goes on. I never felt so alive till I beat him.
      Did you find the pendant that blocks his attacks?

        I had it but was relying largely on dodge rolling out of the way. It kind of worked, except when he did a flurry of attacks and I had already started casting magic.

        Still felt damned good when I finally beat him. Oddly enough, I think I died to the sorceror dude leading up to him more than Manus himself. That pillar bridge thing was a death trap. Someone should inform the council about it.

          The sorceror on the cliff. Yeah he was a prick. I learnt when to sprint then roll so that most times his shot to my back going down the bridge didn't get me. The devs were so trolling us players with that one.

    Just bought Mass Effect trilogy on Origin. Hoping it's as good as I've heard. :D

      Oh boy - I wish I could go back and experience it for the first time again. Gives me tingles...

        Oh wow. I'm experiencing right now...this is really quite something!! :D Sorta like a really good Star Wars-esk game mixed with Deus Ex:HR's social aspect. Loving it so far. :D

    Watching Breaking Bad and Playing GTAV. Good weekend inc.

      So watch Trevor's life documentary on making meth, then play it out on screen, perfect choice!

    Probably a combination of WoW, GTAV with some FFXIV thrown in for good measure.

    Majora's Mask. Gotta get all them heart pieces.

      Playing on 64, Wii or emulator? Does it hold up?
      I am thinking of playing through my GCN Wind Waker I never finished a decade ago.

    I've got this rule I've been trying to follow: I can't buy a new game until I've finished one I already own. It's been a tough week as you can imagine.
    So this weekend you ask? Well I really should put some time on Ni No Kuni, but for some reason I'm now thinking of getting Limbo or something across the finish line tonight, and then... well you know the rest.

    GTAV and a newborn baby girl :D

    Tried playing it last night, but I was so damned tired I kept failing the first Franklin mission, passing out and getting lost...

      Gosh I wrecked that lovely sports car so badly! 50%...I didn't even realize it was an official mission until the stats popped up.

        Yeah, what a way to acclimatise oneself to the hyperactive steering ;)

      Haha I love waking up while playing a game. I have many memories of playing games and dozing off when utterly exhausted and seeing my character running into a wall

        Lol... I think I dozed off, ran into a cop and got arrested. Some gangster I am.

    ...Music. Ain't got time for games this weekend. I got a gig coming up.

    GTAV will have to sit and wait again. It's making me neglect my pc too. Lame.

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