What Are You Playing This Weekend

This weekend is one of those, 'I have the house to myself so I better play every game ever made' weekends. They come few and far between, so I have to take full advantage of them! What will I be playing? Grand Theft Auto V probably. But I also want to finish off my replay of Metroid Prime!

But to make things difficult I have a big list of chores: clean the house, fix the leaky tap, real life stuff like that. I think I'll have to blitz through that tomorrow morning, then leave the rest of the day to just eat porridge and play games! Should be good.

Hopefully with a bit of time on my hands I'll just explore the world of Grand Theft Auto V. I've found myself succumbing to the need to just rush from checkpoint to checkpoint. I think that's usually the exact, precise worst way to play Rockstar games, so I'll have to re-evaluate that. Start having a bit of fun with it instead.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Gravelord Nito must die.

    Oh and BOARD GAMES!

      Have him come to you so his attacks take out his skeleton mates

    I'm playing Mass Effect 3 DLC. Pretty good so far!

    And I've been hearing a whole lot of stuff about this "GTAV" the kids are playing... so it's made determined to go back and finish LEGO city undercover. It's a funny open world without all the horrible people!

      The Citadel DLC is one of the best I reckon.

    GTA V of course. Getting ready for the 1st

      Question: Does anyone know what time on Tuesday GTA Online will launch? Will it be 12:01am, 9:00am, or will we have to wait till Tuesday night/Wednesday morning when it's the 1st in America?

    then leave the rest of the day to just eat porridge and play games!

    So you managed to track down a place that sells a keg full of porridge?

    I doubt I'll have much time for gaming. Having friends over Saurday night so I'll be spending all day tomorrow cleaning my squalid apartment. Might try and get some GTAV in tonight and sunday though.

    Will most likely construct an elaborate schedule for fitting in as many and varied games as possible...
    Then just end up playing SKYRIM!

      Hugo I seem to have the same game playing scenario as yours. Yesterday I intended to play all manner of games and yet Skyrim dragged me back in again. Well to be honest I have been modding Skyrim for 6 months now and I'm only now getting a beautiful, playable and yet stable game.

    With Disgaea D2 coming out next week I decided to have a "Disgaea and all things D" weekend. This will mainly consist of Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention, Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten and Diablo 3.

      keh? What please is Disgaea D2. I just finished Promise Unforgotton a few days before GTAV arrived, and also played the heck out of D1 and D2, what please is Disgaea D2?

    Probably not GTA V.. I finished the story last night and have already done a bunch of side missions and other activities.. now I will just sit and wait for the GTA Online stuff to get opened up. I might play a bit of Starsector or maybe try to finish off Dragon Age 2..

    I've finished GTA V but I'll probably still mess around with it.
    Got some side activities and stuff to do, but really looking forward to the online.

    That aside I've got the new Shadow Warrior. Looks pretty cool.

    Yes like many others, more GTA V (about 16 hours in, the three dudes are finally all selectable), loving it.
    Also I think a metric tonne of Dota2, since me and friends finally got LAN mode working over VPN's which means 50ms pings rather than 1000ms pings. I have satellite internet so pings to regular servers are terrible.

    Finished GTA V a few days ago, so I'll be working on 100%ing it.

    Also be setting up my Wii U I got yesterday and playing some Nintendoland. Might pick up another Wii U game as well.

    Im gonna finally finish Fire Emblem Awakening. I'm giving up on getting all the characters cos one of them is brain meltingly hard.

    That and Borderlands 2. Just picked it up due to peer pressure.

      I really need to do that too. I think I'm about 5 chapters away from the ending (maybe, not sure).

      Re: Characters

      Is the hard character Nah?>

        Nah, not Nah -_-

        Guy called Priam. He's a Spotpass character. Worst Battle.

    Probably playing more of The Raven! Point and click adventure games! WOOOOO! (Though this one is all kinds of rough and unpolished and weirdly produced. XD)

    Got a Wii U from dick smith for $174 and a few games will be playing that and the new shadow warrior and some COD

    I get to finally finish off Skyrim after a 95+ hour journey.

    Has anyone played Sonic Colors? Is it any good? It will be my first official Sonic game played since Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

    Last edited 27/09/13 12:00 pm

      Yes it is good but Sonic Generations is just a myst play.

    I think I'm 76.3% or 73.6% on GTA. I'd like to be 85% by end of weekend, but I don't see it happening. I'm actually flying a helicopter on Sunday. It's a half hour experience my gf got me 6 months ago. Apparently within 5 minutes of take-off I will be having a go at the controls. Monday morning headline: "Grenade wielding man hijacks helicopter, causes havoc and parachutes to safety because GTA."

    FIFA 14. Just started career and am having mates over for some games and alot of beers.
    Might squeeze in a little GTA5 on sunday after they've left.

    Just noticed that Dead island Riptide is on Free Weekend on Steam. Might try and finish this before the weekend ends. I finished the original and have been thinking about this one for a bit now, good opportunity to knock it over while it is free to do so. Anyone here finished it? Is it able to be knocked over in a few sittings? Looks very similar to the 1st game, which is why I have not bought it yet. A free play-through is appealing however.

      Riptide took me about 21 hours to finish which included a number of sidequests completed. If you exclude those, I'm thinking it might be possible to complete it within 10-15 hours as its much shorter than the first dead island.

      If you ask me, this game is well worth picking up if its around $20. That new character 'John' is so fun to use! Riptide is my biggest surprise this year. It gets a 8/10 from me and I hated the first one.

    GTAV baby, GTAV!!.....and some The Walking Dead on my PS Vita. My first taste if this series in any platform. WOW....it really is awesome.

    GTAV, what more can i say. side missions can be another day.

    I just bought The Last of Us and GTAV, but I won't be playing them this weekend. :P Instead I'm finishing a second play-through of Kuon from my PS2 pile of shame. I still have so many older unplayed games I need to get through. V_V I don't even remember buying half of them. >_>

      Sorry to ask, but how can a game you are on a second play through be in a pile of shame? Isn't pile of shame games you bought but didn't play much/at all?
      Not judging of course, just curious :)

        Because I started replaying again straight after I finished the first playthrough (literally. I finished, saved, and then started a new game all in the one night).

          Hahaha that's a sign of a great game right there :)

            Yep. It may be old and low budget, and the gameplay may not be as polished as newer games, but it's still a great game. <3

    GTA V I want to get up Trevor but no idea when that will happen - already 13 hours down also Spies vs Mercs and Max Payne 3

      What! 13 hours in and no Trevor? You must have gotten side tracked. I think you get Trevor at about the 7th or 8th hour? Maybe earlier???

        Yeah I often go down a rabbit hole with GTA - finally met him last night - great introduction. You feel almost compelled to pick fights with this character!

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