No One Knows What The Heck This League Of Legends Champ Is Saying

Last week, a bizarre but delightful viral video asked one simple question: what sound does the fox make? (Lots of things, it turns out.) This week, Instalok asks the tougher question: what sound does Teemo from League of Legends make?

It helps if you've watched the original video by Ylvis, which this parodies — which, really. You should watch! It's effin' excellent.

Instalok - What Does Teemo Say? (Ylvis - The Fox PARODY) [Instalok]


    so if i do drugs i can dance in as a fox in the forest with lots of sexy lady's make noises -_-

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    the teemo one is trash don't waste your time. This is coming from what should be the videos target audience, a lol player who hates teemo.

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