While You Were Sleeping

The weekend is normally a dead zone for any kind of video game news, but this weekend? Well, PAX Prime made sure that our pages were overflowing with stuff to check out.

This was my favourite: The 20 JRPGs You Must Play. There are massive, massive gaps in my JRPG playlist that I need to fill. I enjoyed them when I was younger but never really kicked it into my teenage years and beyond. This seems as good a guide as any. You may disagree!

Speaking of RPGs in general, apparently the next Dragon Age is insanely ambitious. Considering the negative reaction some of you had to the last one, this is a good thing.

Sony takes another shot at Microsoft via a t-shirt. Wow. Peter Molyneux's GODUS is coming in the next couple of weeks and finally — this is awesome — remember that movie School of Rock? Remember the song they played at the end as little kids? They all reunited to play that song again. 10 years later. IMMENSE.

In Short The 20 JRPGs You Must Play Sony's Latest Shot At Microsoft Comes On A T-Shirt You Can't Get Watch The Cast Of School Of Rock Play That Great Song 10 Years Later The Next Dragon Age Is Crazy Ambitious GODUS Is Coming September 13


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