While You Were Sleeping

It's Wednesday already? It's surprising how quickly the week passes when you're allowed to eat actual food! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. Let's get to the news!

I love this post. Remember Bully? Remember how Bully allowed you to essentially play as a gay high schooler and kiss other boys? I always thought that was brilliantly subversive. This post highlights the folks that freaked out about it. I'm glad when people get their jimmies rustled like this.

Did we ever really need proof that Star Wars + Game of Thrones would be awesome? I'd argue we don't. But just in case we do: this post exists.

One of my favourite US regulars in the Fine Art regular: I love seeing concept art from video games, or from any type of creative project for that matter. Take a look at some of this: very good stuff.

Bad news: you won't be able to use external storage on the Xbox One at launch. This confuses me: how hard can that be? Why not?

And finally: this is a giant robotic bug. Yeah, just click on it. Then set your monitor on fire.

In Short When Players Freak Over Achievement That Requires Them To Kiss Boys Go Forth Space Knights And Shoot Blue Lasers Game Of Thrones + Star Wars Would Be Awesome — Here's Proof Oh, It's Just A 17-Ton Robotic Bug Xbox One's External Storage Not Ready For Launch


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