While You Were Sleeping

Friday already. Damn time flies fast when you can eat solid food. Last week dragged in. This week? WHHOOOOOM. Hope you had a good one. Welcome to the last While You Were Sleeping. Until the next one.

I think this is good. Regardless of your position on the Dickwolves comic itself I don't think it's really arguable that the fallout has been super sucky. I hope this apology from Penny Arcade will go some of the way to repairing all the damage. It seems like a sincere one. To me at least.

Layoffs at Irrational Games. I don't why that's surprising but it is. I guess this always happens at the end of big projects, but it's still sad. It's a tough thing this making video games business.

This post exists just in case you ever wanted to see what web browsers would look like if they were anime characters. Yeah, you want to see now don't you!

Some crazy cat has built a replica scale USS Voyager from Star Trek. ACTUAL SIZE. I mean, what even is this? Jesus.

Finally, I really want this Dark Souls book. I just want it.

Have a good day everyone!

In Short Penny Arcade Extends Olive Branch, Apologises For Dickwolves Fallout Layoffs At BioShock Developer Irrational Games Popular Websites Drawn As Anime Characters Because Um... Internet Holy Cow It's Star Trek's USS Voyager Recreated In Minecraft This Dark Souls Art Book Probably Won't Try And Kill You


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