While You Were Sleeping

Wakey wakey folks, it's Monday and it's time for While You Were Sleeping.

Okay, first things first: there's a new Grand Theft Auto V teaser thing. We're so close to the release of this game, and I'm pretty hyped for this one. But then, I enjoyed GTA IV, unlike some of you.

And if you have time, I recommend reading this article about the way sports games are sold both to journalists and consumers. I had a very similar thought whilst sitting through two ponderously large slide shows about two different sports games this year. Well worth reading.

This is a true fact: Nintendo 64 games had some of the best glitches. Apparently there is a reason for Metal Gear Solid 5's sexy sniper. We don't know what it is yet, but there's a reason.

Oh, and don't watch this video. Just don't it's scary.

In Short Even The Making Of Video For The Aliens Chestbuster Is Horrifying There's A Reason For Metal Gear's Sexy Sniper, What It Is Who Knows GTA's Latest Teaser Shows Tennis, Triathlon And Other Vanity Sports Nintendo 64 Games Had Some Of The Best Glitches The Truth Is Last Year's Games Had Problems, This Years' Are Better


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