While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to another day of While You Were Sleeping. News, snoring babies, we've got it all, but mostly just those two things I just mentioned.

It technically didn't come in overnight but, just in case you missed it, the big news right now is all about the PS Vita. Sony's much hyped conference in Japan didn't really deliver in terms of video games, but Vita fans might have been relieved to see that Sony isn't giving up on the little handheld that could. There is a newer version (lighter, cheaper, more streamlined but without the OLED screen) and it comes in different colours.

And PS Vita TV? This thing is for Japan only at the moment, but I'm intrigued. I expect that Japan will be a testing ground for the device before it's launched elsewhere.

But this was the shock for me: the PlayStation 4 won't be released in Japan until next year. That's just crazy. I guess Sony doesn't have to worry about the Xbox One as a competitor over there, since the Xbox One won't be launching in Japan in 2013 either. In that regard I suppose it makes sense.

What else? Well, I'm blown away by the fact that Akira totally predicted that the 2020 olympics would be held in Japan. And this cover art is awesome.

In Short The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Were Predicted 30 Years Ago By Akira The PS4 Won't Be Out In Japan Until Next Year Your Box Art Is Drawn By Talented Humans Introducing PS VitaTV There's A New PS Vita, It's Slimmer And Lighter


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