While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. I am very tired this morning, how are you? Bit of advice: looking after babies is hard. See the sleeping baby in the above pic? That guy is the exact opposite of my baby. Where is my sleeping baby?

But to the news! It's still all about the PS4 in the lead up to the launch of next gen consoles. This share button thing is starting to look a little bit special. I'm interested to see precisely what it's capable of. We have some info at least over at this post.

And it looks like Japanese gamers are a little bit gutted about the whole no PlayStation 4 until next year thing. As someone who has been living in Australia for the past six or seven years, I completely understand. It sucks to have the rest of the world playing the thing you want to play...

So the Apple situation: lots of new products from Apple, but also new firmware. That's nothing new, but iOS 7 has one super interesting feature for gamers: controller support. This could change everything.

This is weird: Paypal won't give indie devs their money. And finally, you've played as Master Chief, why not try playing as Cortana?

In Short It's Hard Not To Get Pumped About This PS4 Feature Japanese Gamers Are Disappointed About The PS4 Launch Date iOS 7 Arrives September 18, Followed By A Flood Of Game Controllers PayPal Won't Give Indie Devs Their Money You've Played As Master Chief Why Not Try Playing As Cortana


    You know I've often wondered where the phrase "I slept like a baby" comes from. "I slept like a baby" is meant to mean you had a really nice, peaceful, uninterrupted sleep for some reason. Yet that's not how babies sleep in my experience.

    I sometimes feel like saying "You slept like a baby? You mean you woke up screaming every 2 hours because you were hungry or you shit your pants?"

      I saw a thing the other day that said "I don't want to sleep like a baby, I want to sleep like my husband!". While I know this isn't true for all, it definitely rang true for me. My son didn't sleep for more than 2 hours at a time until he was 2, and I was the one dealing with it all the time while my husband slept (or pretended to sleep :P ) through it.
      So yeah, I've never understood the whole "slept like a baby" thing either.

        Oooh.. I can't wait.. 7 weeks to go for us.. :p lol

    Just bought our new baby back from the hospital yesterday. He believes in sleeping all day and partying all night. So far he has pissed all over himself, shat all over me and has now decided that being fed every 2 hours is reasonable. My wife is baring the brunt of it. I just need to ride it out, It will all be worth it when he's old enough to be my co-op partner.

      Yeh.. hehe.. have to wait a few years for that too.. it will give me more of an excuse to play games :p

      My daughter is 3 and old enough to start playing some games...unfortunately those games are all Dora the Explorer and Lalaloopsy, and I'm the lucky one that gets to play them with her. Gotta start somewhere I guess...give it another couple of years however and I think I can get her into Mario Kart...

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