While You Were Sleeping

Days become weeks, weeks become months, months become years. Man, it only seems like yesterday that 2013 had started, now we're accelerating towards the end of the year and the launch of new consoles. Time, kindly stop flowing so consistently in the one direction please!

Ubisoft has been busy. Ubisoft always seems busy, but it's especially busy right now, what with its big AAA titles like Watch Dogs, and its increasingly large collection of smaller games. We have an extensive little preview library of all its latest games and it's well worth having a rake through them all.

I've been trying to get into Spelunky and I'm sort of not quite getting it yet. Still, that doesn't mean I can't be impressed with this seven minute Spelunky speed run. Speed runs are always impressive. It's always a privilege to watch someone practice an incredible skill.

Look, Sony has another gorgeous indie game in development for the PS4. Another one! This is one weird looking shooter — you should investigate. And this may be the corniest video game trailer of all time.

In Short Perhaps The Corniest Game Trailer Of All Time Go To Hell And Back In Under Seven Minutes With This Spelunky Speedrun How One truly Weird Shooter In Video Games' Future Is Getting Bigger Ubisoft's Got A Ton Of Interesting New Games Coming Out



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