While You Were Sleeping

Happy Friday Kotaku friends, hope all is well. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, your snapbang intro into the day. This is the news you missed and the pics of sleeping babies you crave.

Well that sounded way creepier than I intended.

iOS 7. I hope it's good. Android's Jelly Bean OS has really been growing on me and the whole Apple ecosystem is pretty much the only thing stopping me from switching completely across. I have been using an android tablet for the last year and I love it. Seriously considering ditching the iPhone. This series of videos is seriously worth watching if you're teetering on the edge like me.

Dark Souls. Every time someone posts something on our site about Dark Souls. Every time someone bloody mentions it on Facebook or Twitter, it makes me want to go back. WE HAVE TO BACK! This is a Dark Souls music video. It's certainly something.

Attack on Titan — I love anime, but I'm not a fan. Seems like I'm in the minority though, in a very big way. Check out Attack of Titan's opening starring the cast of Super Mario Bros. 3. Also: if you think the PS4 is expensive in Australia... check out the price in Argentina. Finally: Conan O'Briend isn't impressed with the voices in Diablo III.

In Short Check Out Ten iOS 7 Features That Will Make Everything Better Dark Souls The Music Video Is Certainly Something Think The PS4 Is Expensive? Be Glad You Don't Live In Argentina Attack On Titan's Opening, Starring The Cast Of Super Mario Bros. 3 Conan Is Unimpressed With The Voices In Diablo III


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