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Welcome to Monday and welcome to While You Were Sleeping. Happy day before GTA V day!

The crazy thing is this: not only do I have some friends who've been playing the game for review, I have friends in the UK who know a guy in a store who sold the game early. My brother is playing GTA V right now! Argh!

Anyway, onto what you might have missed over the weekend...

First, s list of what Kotaku writers think are the 12 best mods for PC. I'm sure this will be a topic for debate, since there are so, so many different mods for many different games. Worth a read to see if you agree and vehemently disagree!

Hey people who fancy themselves as a voice actor (there must be a few of you here) they're looking for people to audition for Australian roles for a BioShock prequel web series. Anyone interested?

When I was a teenager I used to collect Star Wars junk. Anything and everything: books, toys, comics. If I had seen this guy's collection, I might have had an aneurysm. This is just... wow. It has a functioning Cantina!

Finally, this is Final Fantasy's Lightning cosplaying as other Final Fantasy characters. Very cool idea. And please for the love of God make this an elaborate troll by Justin Bieber. Please.

In Short The 12 Best Mods For PC Games World's Largest Star Wars Collection Includes A Working Cantina Australian Actors Wanted For BioShock Prequel Web Series Justin Bieber Posted A Batman vs Robin Script? Is He Punking Us? Watch Lightning Cosplay As Other Final Fantasy Characters


    GTA V has already had the street date broken in the US thanks to Amazon. It's only a matter of time before retailers here get the go ahead to sell today.

    Last edited 16/09/13 9:38 am

      lol.... if true cool... but i doubt it


          i wasn't debating/questioning the amazon thing... i'm saying breaking street date over here is highly unlikely

          Last edited 16/09/13 3:30 pm

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