While You Were Sleeping

Hey, guess what — I'm probably the only human being alive who still hasn't had a chance to play Grand Theft Atuo V yet. This is parenthood guys and girls. Take a good, long hard look at the man I have become. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, let's get to the news!

Surprisingly, the biggest news coming in the morning is not GTA related: it looks as though Blizzard has killed Diablo III's real money auction house. How do you all feel about that? Good choice, bad choice?

And a bit off topic, did you know that Jackie Chan had a theme park? Why the hell does Jackie Chan have a theme park? Anyway, apparently it's a bit weird and sappy. It should have been about zany action choreography — what gives?

I'm excited about this indie game that's just gone up on Kickstarter. It's got like a supergroup of AAA developers on it. Seems cool. Did you know you could build your own Xbox One case with these Chinese parts? It won't have the actual parts inside though!

Finally: this Grand Theft Auto V rap was inevitable.

In Short Blizzard Kills Diablo III Real Money Auction House The Long Dark, An Indie Game Being Made By An All Start Cast Of Former Big Game Developers, Is Up On Kickstarter Jackie Chan's Theme Park Sure Sounds Sappy Build Your Own Xbox One Case With These Chinese Parts



    Mate, you're not alone. I went and bought it at lunchtime yesterday, and here I am again at work. I didn't even get a chance to install the first disc. Stupid real life.

    I cant be bothered to go get it... part of me wants to play it, but another part of me couldnt just be bothered. I dunno whats wrong with me this time around

    don't worry Mark, we had our second child 7weeks ago. I'm lucky if I get 4hrs of sleep let alone play computer games. I feel your pain. On a good note, by the time I'll actually have time to play GTAV, it should be about $30!

    I woke up at 6am this morning to get an hour of play in before I got ready for work.

    I'm not going to have boatloads of time to invest into this game so I've accepted that I will be taking it slowly a bit at a time.

    I’m probably the only human being alive who still hasn’t had a chance to play Grand Theft Atuo V yet.

    You're probably the only human being alive who still can't spell Grand Theft Auto V yet too :)

    However, yes.. While I have played a tiny bit of the game. I have had to do other unrelated things since I managed to get the old PS3 connected up to the TV and stereo, get my new shiny gold controller working (seriously.. the thing needed to be reset via the almost hidden button on the underside of the controller....), then the most recent PS3 update.. then the installation... then I get through the prologue and it's time for dinner and watching TV shows with my wife.. not that I mind.. not at all.. I like watching TV shows with my wife :)

    What do you mean you haven't played it yet. Neither have the people like me who chose PC over console (not meaning to start a war here)

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