While You Were Sleeping

Morning all! It's Thursday and I've woken up with a sore throat. Thank goodness I get paid to type, not to talk! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping!

Let's start with a game that isn't Grand Theft Auto V — just to do something dazzlingly different.

We have new Smash Bros. screenshots and that game is starting to look very, very good indeed. The cross platform thing between 3DS and Wii U is interesting to me. I feel as though Nintendo has been vague about that whole thing from the beginning. I'm hoping for more info soon

Okay, now back to GTA V. I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of these parody style videos, but this one is good! Might as well watch it!

This artist is saying goodbye to the current generation of consoles through some art. And it's adorable. Sim City's new DLC is all about charity. A massive amount of the profits are headed to the Red Cross. Finally this is the Amnesia vs Outlast comparison we had to make.

In Short Super Smash Bros Brawl Never Looked So Good SimCity's DLC Is Feeling Mostly Charitable An Adorable Way To Say Goodbye To This Console Generation When GTA V Dreams Become All Too Real Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs vs Outlast. The Comparison We Had To Make


    @markserrels those screenshots arent from the new super smash brothers game, rather, they are hi-res screenshots taken of super smash brothers brawl WII version running on the Dolphin Emulator (WII Emulator for PC)

    much like my Zelda: Windwaker screenshots on my imgur


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