While You Were Sleeping

It's Friday my friends, and I'm looking forward to this weekend because video games. It's hard for me to play games throughout the week these days, so hopefully I'll get a large-sized chunk of time to play Grand Theft Auto V, the game that has dominated the headlines this week.

I expect it will be dominating headlines for a while. Take a look at these ones: Whoopi Goldberg prefers Diablo III to GTA V! This game is beyond mainstream, it's pop culture. It's a thing that late-night talk show hosts crack zingers about in their stand-up-esque intros to the show. Grand Theft Auto V was always a crossover proposition, but this is clearly next level.

How about some non-Grand Theft Auto news? Yeah, that would be nice for a change.

How about this Bayonetta Anime? Man, this looks kinda awesome. I loved Bayonetta the video game. That said, I loved the game for the combat. Not sure if the world could stand up in anime-land.

And finally this is a lot of Mega Man action in one shot. Glorious. And why not transform your room into Zelda's Hyrule Castle?

In Short First Look At The Bayonetta Anime Why Whoopi Goldberg Prefers Diablo To GTA Transform Your Room Into Zelda's Hyrule Castle That's A Lot Of Mega Man Action In One Shot Here Are Your Obligatory GTA V Late Night Zingers


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