While You Were Sleeping

Happy Monday everyone. Time for While You Were Sleeping, time to catch up on some news!

More Grand Theft Auto stuff: first off you have to check out these Grand Theft Auto GIFs. If there's ever been a more GIFable game than GTA V I've yet to play it. That game is all about those moments of insanity. GIFs + insanity = match made in heaven.

And this whole Grand Theft Auto V on PC business, people really want it. Enough to get 500,000 names on a petition! It makes sense. The game pushes current gen technology to the limit and people want to see this game with a smoother frame rate and better textures. Personally, although Rockstar has denied it, I'm keen to see a PS4/Xbox One version.

This news actually shocked me. And then it worried me. Capcom's PS4 exclusive Deep Down is going to be free-to-play. What does that mean for the game itself? I guess we'll find out soon enough.

This is an N64 controller that look like it's straight out of Tron. Immense. And finally, Kojima talks about the water boarding scene in his upcoming new game.

In Short Grand Theft Auto V GIFs Are Here To Destroy The Internet An N64 Controller That Looks Like It's Straight Out Of Tron Capcom's PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Will Be Free To Play This Petition For A PC Grand Theft Auto Has Over 500,000 Signatures Kojima Waterboarding Torture Needs To Be Done In Games Like MGS


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