While You Were Sleeping

Hey good morning everyone! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. Some interesting stuff happened early this morning. Valve announced a brand new thing!

And that new thing is a Steam operating system. Whoa. You can find all the information here. Apparently this is just the first announcement. Valve has another big one coming tomorrow. Could we finally be seeing some sort of 'Steam Box'? Surely it would make sense given this announcement?

And back to GTA V. Are you all sick of this game yet? There are a number of cheats in this video game, but this one is the one that grants you the most freedom. Basically it allows you to fly like Superman.

This is surprising. You may remember the pretty heinous discovery that EA was releasing brand new versions of FIFA on Nintendo platforms with almost no noticeable upgrades to the gameplay. Nintendo released a statement and were pretty blase about the whole situation.

This is the Chinese actor who should play Phoenix Wright and did you know you can play your original SNES online! Crazy.

In Short Valve Announces Steam OS Nintendo Is Shockingly Honest About A Recycled Sequel You Can Fly Like Superman In Grand Theft Auto V Phoenix Wright Should Be A Chinese Actor Says Chinese Internet You Can Play Your Original SNES Online Don't You Know


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