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Pokemon: it's crazy to think this series has been around for 17 years. 17 years. In a lot of ways it's one of Nintendo's newest franchises! And it's 17 years old? This is an image that sums up those 17 years quite concisely.

And while we're summing up experiences: here's a comic that does a great job of expressing every single person's time with Journey!

This might be up there with the absolute height of stupidity: a man takes out a $7000 loan for an in-game item. Why would you do this? Maybe at some time in the future it'll make sense to invest in virtual items that accrue in value somehow, but yeah. It's not a risk I would be willing to take a loan for.

This is some incredible art from EA and this is how to ruin a Grand Theft Auto V launch with spoilers.

In Short Awesome Art From A Man Responsible For EA's Orange Soldier Glow Seventeen Years Of Pokemon In A Single Image How To Ruin A Grand Theft Auto V Launch With Spoilers Journey Cartoom Sums Up Most People's Journey Experience Stupid Man Took Out A 7000 Loan For In-Game Items


    "How To Ruin A Grand Theft Auto V Launch With Spoilers"

    I haven't bought GTA V. I still don't know it's actual map size or even the three protagonists names (I've read them once, but forgot them. I know it's got three protagonists? Is that a spoiler?). What spoilers? It isn't hard to avoid them if you're not looking. Quite literally the only spoiler I've seen was on Big-Foot. Even then, I didn't know Big-Foot was a rumour spanning like, two or three previous games. So it overall meant nothing to me.

    "Oh hey, that has GTA V in the title, I wonder if this might ruin some aspect of the game for me... Nah! Couldn't possibly do that! An article about the very subject itself isn't going to spoil or otherwise enlighten me to aspects about the game I didn't already know and wanted to find out while playing."

    Take for instance the replies to this post. Should it generate any, they'll probably remain unread, because at least one guy is going to drop a bomb of some kind in an attempt to ruin it. Nice try, random online entity, I'm onto you.

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