While You Were Sleeping

Man, I had to drop my wife off at the airport at 5am this morning, so while you were sleeping, I was driving a car like a zombie on a freeway that somehow still had traffic! Anyway, what happened overnight? Stuff happened. Steam stuff.

The Steam Box. It is a thing. Kind of. But it's not called a Steam Box it's called a Steam Machine. I am extremely excited about this and I want one. I had to get rid of my aging gaming PC and I haven't been able to replace it. I've sort of migrated across to laptops with my Macbook Pro, so I really want a device like this, that let's me play PC games in my living room. I AM THE TARGET MARKET FOR THIS DEVICE!

Minecraft and its wonderful user base continues to take this game to strange new places. This take on Assassin's Creed IV is just stupidly elaborate. How can the bar be raised any further on this stuff? People are just so insanely talented at the craziest stuff.

Here's more GTA V stuff, just for a change! This is the guy from that TV show the kids are all talking about, reading an erotic fan letter (Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad) and this art shows a sunset on Mars that will make your heart flutter.

In Short Valve Announces Steam Machines Don't Look At Cops In GTA V, They'll Kill You Breaking Bad Lead Actor Received An Amazing Erotic Fan Letter Sunset On Mars Not Romantic A Ridiculously Elaborate Minecraft Take On Assassin's Creed IV


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