While You Were Sleeping

Is it just me or did this week fly in? Friday already? Welcome to While You Were Sleeping. This is what you may have missed overnight...

This is performance art, taken to a whole new creepy level.

In the name of 'satire' these people have decided to become serial killers within the world of GTA V, complete with a motive. They are documenting the whole thing. It is beyond creepy. You can check it out here.

Is this the technology that might save motion control gaming? I hope so. Mainly because I love the Oculus Rift and I think that the Rift requires some sort of motion tech to make it work on the level I want it to work at.

Who here is old enough to have owned an original Game Boy? Goddamn I loved that thing. I usually don't buy game related 'things' (t-shirts, figurines, etc) but I could be convinced to pick up this hand luggage. It's the best. It looks like a Game Boy!

This is what happens when a video game runs out of marketing money, and LEGO would never make something this violent. But maybe it should!

In Short The Adventures Of A GTA V Serial Killer LEGO Would Never Make Something This Violent The Original Game Boy Is Traveler's Best Friend Once More Here's The Technology That Might Save Motion Control Gaming What Happens When A Game Runs Out Of Marketing Money


    In unrelated news, GTA V went up for torrent this morning. TPB crashed, U torrent shows upwards 270,000 connected with 1 seeding.

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