While You Were Sleeping

Morning folks. Last week was a big week of announcements and weird news. Dominating that weird news was Valve, and it pushed things to a strange new level early Saturday morning when it announced a new controller.

I'm really excited about the controller. Mainly because, as impressions roll in, I'm getting a sense that this is unlike anything we've used before. Or, more likely, it's very similar to what we've used before, but more malleable. Can't wait to try it myself. Some people from the development community have had the chance to play around with it. You can check out their thoughts here.

And speaking of Steam and that sort of thing, it's worth noting that we'll most likely find out more about the Piston living room PC on Monday (tomorrow our time). I think this is the start of something. I'm very keen to see where it all heads.

Grand Theft Auto V is still a thing, obviously, and is still dominating our headlines. According to this post, the best way to get around the game world is on BMX. I'm inclined to agree. This post takes a look at the level of detail in Grand Theft Auto V.

Finally, what will become of competitive Call of Duty?

In Short Valve's Controller Has Been Tested, Here Are Some Impressions Little Things Mean A Lot In Grand Theft Auto V We'll Learn More About The Piston Living Room PC On Monday Will Infinity Ward Continue To Support Competitive Call Of Duty Sickest Way To Get Around In GTA V? Shredding On BMX Bikes


    Sega just shut down all of its international yakuza sites. Reckon you guys could look into it?

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