While You Were Sleeping: Xbox One Launch Date!

Finally, we can start the countdown...

It's been a long time coming. In fact, I'm surprised it took so long, but now the Xbox One has a release date in Australia and abroad. That date is November 22. It looks as though that date applies to all 13 of the regions the Xbox One is launching in. That means we'll be getting the Xbox One at the same time as everyone else. Great news.

And the console is in full production now in response. The Xbox One console that may well land in your home is currently being made. It received a CPU boost in power too. Read more here.

This is amazing cosplay. People put an insane amount of effort into these things. This is a glitched out Donkey Kong from hell and it's about time we saw a crossover between Grand Theft Auto and Breaking Bad!

Have a great day everyone!

In Short The Xbox One Comes Out In Australia On November 22 The Xbox One Is Now In Full Production, CPU Got A Little Faster Cripes It's A Glitched Out Donkey Kong From Hell Now That's Some Extraordinary Cosplay A Breaking Bad/Grand Theft Auto Crossover? Yes Please.


    I said about Nov 21 for the XB1. So close but the weekday had to be taken into account.
    Now the wait for my PS4 seems even longer!

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