Women Will Fight In EA Sports UFC

Women Will Fight In EA Sports UFC

EA Sports confirmed that women fighters will be on the roster of the upcoming UFC title it will release next spring on next-generation consoles. Rivals Ronda Rousey (pictured above) and Miesha Tate will join the game, with more to follow from the UFC’s Women’s Bantamweight division.

The UFC president Dana White, once heavily resistant to the idea of the series sanctioning a women’s division, said the women’s bantamweight class “has become a huge part of the UFC and fans will now be able to experience fighting with them in the game.”

This is a first for any UFC-licensed game (the three produced by THQ and Yuke’s from 2009 to 2012 featured no women) but it isn’t necessarily the first appearance of female fighters in an MMA game. Supremacy MMA, though its creators acknowledged it was more of a fighting game than a sports simulation, featured two real-world women fighters when the game launched in 2011. However, Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez could only fight each other in the game. (EA Sports MMA of 2010, licensed by the Strikeforce MMA promotion later acquired by the UFC, did not feature women.)

EA Sports made no mention of whether EA Sports UFC will offer mixed-gender fights from the play-now menu, but I’d grade that as highly unlikely, both for the controversy of such a thing and the fact it doesn’t even reflect reality. Still, I’ve pushed the question to an EA Sports spokesman; we’ll see what he says. Update: Women will only fight other women. “To stay authentic to the sport, female fighters will only be able to fight within the women’s division,” a spokesman told Kotaku.

Rousey and Tate will be the coaches in the upcoming season of the reality series The Ultimate Fighter; they’ll be the first women in that role on the series. Rousey is the current women’s bantamweight champion.

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  • “To stay authentic to the sport,”

    does this also mean you will not be able to put the heavyweights against any of the smaller weight classes like you could in previous titles?

    • I’m sure you will be able to, but probably within one or two classes. So you couldn’t have a heavyweight fight a bantamweight etc.

      I could be mistaken but I believe when BJ Penn faught GSP they were both title holders in different weight classes.

  • I don’t see why its a big deal to keep them separate, Its fine to fight Men Vs Women in the WWE games or regular fighters such as Mortal Kombat.

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