Xbox One TV Features Might Not Require Gold Subscription After All

Xbox One TV Features Might Not Require Gold Subscription After All

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s messaging surrounding the Xbox One has been convoluted, and it seems even the company’s own representatives don’t quite have a grasp on all the console’s features and policies.

But some of the TV-related features that Microsoft previously said will require an Xbox Live Gold subscription might not after all.

The Xbox One’s “OneGuide” feature, which turns the console into an interactive and powerful cable guide, will not require a Gold subscription, Microsoft’s Xbox group Lead Planner Albert Penello reportedly told GameFront yesterday at PAX. Gold also isn’t required for features that require a TV to be connected to the console via HDMI, like TV-controlling voice commands.

OneGuide is listed on under the heading “Xbox Live Gold Features” alongside the console’s Game DVR, NFL on Xbox, SmartMatch matchmaking, and Skype features. And if that didn’t make it clear enough, I confirmed with a Microsoft spokesperson earlier this month that the list is accurate.

So what’s the deal here? Is this just another case of Microsoft’s representatives being confused about the console’s features, or is the company backtracking once again? I reached out to Microsoft again to get confirmation either way, and I’ll update this post if I hear back.


    • Yep. I’m annoyed they never included it in the 360. When we Skype with the Grandparents in Geelong we have to use the laptop but if we could’ve used Kinect then maybe Kinect would’ve gotten some use!

    • I don’t know why it’s weird… I can use Skype on my PC and mobile for free, as long as I’ve got internet access.

      • I just mean that a direct competitor can use the service for free, but xbox is putting it behind a paywall. Really silly.

        • Yeah. It’d kinda be like charging you to use gmail on your xbox. It’s free anywhere else you’ve got net access.

          • except for the fact that Microsoft doesn’t own gmail and it does own skype.
            this whole thing is stupid. i had assumed that as soon as MS bought skype that the xbox 360 via kinect would get skype but nope. this is one of the stupidest things ever

  • Either way, that TV feature probably won’t work here in Australia anyway.
    a) copyright dealing with tv guide data is messed up here in Oz
    b) stations screw with you on the scheduling by deliberately extending shows so that people miss the beginning of a show on another channel

    • b) stations screw with you on the scheduling by deliberately extending shows so that people miss the beginning of a show on another channel
      This pisses me off beyond belief!
      I use tivo to timeshift, plus i almost always have the second tuner on the channel i will be watching next, so i don’t usually get screwed over too often. But, I recorded the first ep of squizzy, and even though i extend all recordings by 10 mins, the end still got chopped. so now i dont even bother watching what has been recorded, i just download it monday mornings and watch it monday night. no ads and no missing bits. F*** you channel 9.

  • Hi MS, can I play videogames properly without gimmicks still or does that require XBL and a 180?

    Kinda to the point were the Xbox is by America, for America to only be of use in America.

  • I really hope this is the start of Microsoft re-evaluating which content is locked behind the gold paywall. Free Skype from the gold paywall. Free netflix. Free… well, whatever can be accessed free on any other platform.

    If they want to give an incentive for going gold, then maybe add extra features for Gold members. For example, free video conferencing on the Skype app, for gold members only (and let silver users have the basic service of Skype).

  • I think MS just needs to cut their losses and let the Xbox One die.

    Take a leaf from Hollywood’s book and reboot it, with: a better name, more power, better price, no bundled kinect, consumer-friendly DRM and used sales policies (guaranteed for the console’s life – they can always 180 on those policies again you know!), no TV crap, no region-based features etc. etc.

    Abandon the Xbox One, and bring out the Xbox 720 that everyone wanted.

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