Xbox One's External Storage Not Ready For Launch

Xbox One's External Storage Not Ready For Launch

Good news reminder: the Xbox One supports external storage. Bad news update: the Xbox One won't support that feature at launch.

While announcing the capability at E3 back in June, consoles released in November won't let you plug in an external drive, Microsoft's Larry Hryb explaining in a podcast that "the team is working on some other things". As for when the consoles will support external storage, he's got absolutely no idea.

The Xbox One will ship with the 500 GB hard drive, all of them have that. The future plan is definitely to support external storage much like we do on the Xbox 360. My understanding is that feature will not be there at launch, because the team is working on some other things, but it is definitely on the list. I don't know when it will come in though.

Hopefully it's not too much later. 500GB is fine for now, but in 12-24 months time, heavy users are going to start hitting their storage ceiling...

PAX Podcast 2013 [Microsoft, via Polygon]


    I'll be too busy banging out DR than worrying about external storage at launch.

    I've never seen such a public launch from any of the console makers. I'm not sure if MS have bitten off more than they can chew (in the sense that perhaps some of these features wouldn't have been publicised until they were ready etc.) or if the 180 on turning the online-checkin has caused a real set back.

    No doubt the 'console warz' and the ever increasing media attention has cost them in one way or another.

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    Honestly, with the amount of 'not available at launch' announcements, I'm starting to doubt they will even have the console itself available at launch.

      Want your external HDD support? All you need is this update that happens to contain mandatory Kinect and 24 hour online checks.

      This is actually my major concern about Xbox One. While I'm buying a PS4, I'm worried my friends that have chosen to get an Xbox this Christmas are getting an inferior product that was clearly rushed to match PS4 to a November release date. So many features have been pushed to 2014 that it just seems like the launch unit is very bare-bones and rushed.

    You okay Microsoft? Need some help? Someone to talk to?

    Next thing you know, they're going to announce that you won't be able to play games on it at launch. Get your shit together Microsoft.

    This thing is going to hit the bargain bins so fast.

      Can't tell if sarcastic or.....

        First part yes, second part no.

          You can't honestly see millions of people buying this console, regardless of all the lead up changes? I highly doubt the user base will be that different to the ps4.... I guess we'll find out in a couple of months.

            The reality is both consoles are going to sell out of their initial run. My local game stores are no longer taking pre-orders for either console. The real battle kicks off in the new year.

              +1 for this guy

      Technically, if you don't connect to the internet to download the Day 1 patch, you can't play any games...

    All these features that aren't available at launch and the reduction of launch markets shows that Microsoft have definitely rushed the console to market before they initially planned.

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      I'm not sure if it's rushed or what. It reminds me of back when patching console games post launch first became a thing. Developers got sort of lazy and released on the day they chose rather than delaying release under the assumption they could patch any major problems out later. The XBOX One is starting to look like the first console to really go down that take it out the oven when you're hungry, not when it's cooked path.

      I think what Microsoft need to do here is lay their cards on the table and sell us on the XBOX One post-launch roadmap. Come out and confidently say 'over the 12 months that follow the launch this stuff is going to happen'. Spin it from the current look of reacting to extreme negative feed back and backpeddling on announced features, so that it looks more like post-launch support. Make it all about continued improvement of the XBOX One rather than putting out fires.
      A statement along the lines of 'naturally we will be refining the XBOX One UI to improve the experience, but we also plan on releasing a complete overhaul of the UI on a similar level to the NXE within the first 18 months of launch based purely on user feedback' can really sell their commitment to the console and it's users. It turns an announcement like this from negative 'we screwed up and can't support external storage on launch' to 'even after the console launches we will be improving it by adding features like external storage'.
      It's a bit transparent on it's own, but within the context of an hour and a half presentation about Microsoft's plans for the supporting the console post-launch it comes out looking neutral at worst.

        I like what you said at the beginning there. "Cooked when your not hungy, cold when you're starving".

    I'm assuming have to scrap a whole lot of plans like online and discless meant changes to things they didn't anticipate. I'm sure people can make do with 500gb for at least a short while after launch...


        Yeah there are some people out there with 20gb and 4gb consoles not to mention Wii's people getting fanatical about this stuff need to calm down

          Wha? You're comparing current gen (including Wii) storage requirements to next gen consoles? Yeah finger on the pulse their buddy.
          And you're the guy going round calling people "dildos"...

    I play my Xbox daily and download and install quite a few games. I have the 320 GB hard drive and over 2 years I've still got 100 BG left. I hope it doesn't taken them too long to support external storage, I'll use up 500 GB in about 3 years perhaps.

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      yeah but most games will be about 20gigs and all will need to be installed to play.
      Now my 20gig remark is based on installs from games like Max Payne 3, Sleeping Dogs etc on PC that have hi res textures like the XB and PS4 will.

        I can see it being a while before I buy 25 games.

        I think 20gig is a good call, I hope the external one can be heaps bigger

      Mines full :|. I'm glad the next Xbox is almost out

      Eh, now that both major consoles will use Blu-Ray, devs won't have to compress quite so much - expect XB1 games to start being much bigger to download.

    PSA: you won't be able to install PS4 games on an external hard drive. You'll have to buy another PS4 hard drive if you fill up the one that comes with your console.

      At least with the PS4 you can swap out the internal drive and pop in your own 2.5" drive. You can get up to 2TB atm in those sizes. Now hopefully the PS4 can accomodate thicker drives. like the 2TB ones.

        Swapping internal drives.... that sounds.... so convenient.

          It's more convenient than the Xbone's which can't be swapped at all.

          To quote a comment I read above, "Can't tell if sarcastic or....."
          It's extremely convenient, at least on PS3 where the process has been made straightforward and easy. I've upgraded my HDD twice since launch without any fuss, hoping it's as simple on PS4.

            ^This. I upgraded my old 40gb PS3 to a 500gb drive, then when that went YLOD and I had to replace it, I was able to just transfer the HDD over and throw out the new 50gb (or whatever they shipped with then).
            Only takes about 10 minutes, unless you have one of the super-new-slimline PS3, then you had to buy some crappy HDD mount for it (even then it was only an extra $15, cheaper then buying a larger HDD-PS3),

            I meant it's less convenient than just plugging in a usb hdd.
            Although to be fair, if I was really running out of space I'd just make room on the 500gb.... if I DID have a constant need for the extra space then I'd rather swap the internal drive than have a usb one humping it constantly (ps wins on that front), so I guess it just depends on the situation.

          It's something i'd first do when I buy the console honestly!

          Yep, pretty uninformed here, takes about 5 min to swap HDD, and most of that time is unplugging the PS3 and making sure the cords don't disappear behind the TV cabinet...

        You can crack open a PS4 swap the hard drive?

        Edit: yes you can.

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          Not really "crack open", there's a door on the side with a drive bay. No warranty void stickers between you and the drive.

      Not correct. You don't have to buy another PS4. That and you can't tell how convenient changing a ps4 HDD is cause you don't know how it is done yet. PS3 was piss easy.
      Also both XB and PS have 500gb drives when they release so boo to you sir.

        Huh? I didn't say anything about buying another PS4. And I know that both consoles come with a 500 GB internal. And what do you mean boo to me? I'm so confused

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          I think they got mixed up by you saying 'buy another PS4 hard drive,' which as pointed out isn't quite right. Just need a 2.5" (laptop) hard drive. Last time I checked (about 1-2 years ago) you could get 500gb for around $50-70, I'd imagine it's cheaper now though.

    Sony rushed them, MS is being forced to release before they were ready to.

      I would have assumed they were aiming for a Nov launch from the beginning. I think it's more of a case of them backtracking on their DRM that's caused these kinds of delays.

    No external storage to save stuff? Not so big an issue. No external storage for playing media? I know a few people who would cancel their pre orders over that if they can't use the Xbox to play their torrent whored media on their TV.

      Surely network storage is already their solution.... unless they have a couple of tank external hdd's waiting to be plugged into something... and if that's what they're running, tell them to get a NAS :)

        @fenix @andrewvallis haha, I have a server, however my friends who torrent FAR more than me seem to for the most part rock down to dick smiths and buy a couple of terabyte of hard drive on special every time they need one, then label it and fill it up. I don't know how they can be bothered constantly swapping drives.

          Yeah my mates sister does that... she has about 6 wd portable drives varying in sizes.... utter madness I tell you !!!

      if they are that serious about torrent hoarding, they would have a filer server setup. Otherwise they can wait the month(s) (if even that long) for the usability.

    Never mind Xbone - where can I get a new Hard Drive for my old phat 360. I maxed out my 60GB drive one 32GB USB ago but stores only seem to sell drives for the new S models

      I feel your pain. I've got the 60 Gig too. I'm going to have to delete a fair bit of stuff just to install GTA V.

      Edit: Did a quick search of EBay and found this. 320 Gig brand new for $66 and $7 postage, shipping from Adelaide. Might snag one myself.

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      I have the old 120gb black elite, that I upgraded with a 320gb from ebay. Works fine, I just keep about 35% free because old school. I tend to only have installed the games I'm playing.

      TBH as a one of the people that pre-ordered the X1 (getting the ps4 after the first price drop) im very disappointed about external storage not being available at launch. I've already bought my seagate 2tb hdd ready to sit next to the one forever. Its a little sad now, I'll look down at the TV cabinet and see the two not connected... I thought it was a marriage made in heaven, you know, for the life of the console... *sniff*

      I had an old 20GB Xbox, got an S model 250 drive for $50 on sale, ripped it out of its case and then chucked it into the side case on the fat one. Unfortunately it then died a while later and I got a slim Xbox and now its kinda just a HDD dangling in there supported with some foam...
      tl;dr As long as its a legit Xbox HDD you can rip it out and put it in the old mount and have it work.

    I would imagine that microsoft would currently be in the process or re-writting a substantial amount of code for their system after the 180. Delays like this are to be expected but it does seem like microsoft are being rushed.

    I can see the number of users on each system being very similar this generation. Microsoft dominated the current generation but sony has made a solid preposition for its consumers.

    The way I see it, microsoft have a stronger AAA launch window line up, however this is matched by the breadth and depth of sony's free to play and indie line up, including some solid AAA games.

    On paper, sony dominates this generation however, the microsoft and xbox brand name have a strong legacy and a passionate fan base that will draw sales regardless of the product at hand.

    This generation is so close. Hopefully, as a gamer, this will drive these two goliath's to introduce new exclusive games into the market, let their games do the talking.

    Don't worry guys, I'm sure the important things like advertising will be polished and ready to shove in your face in time for launch!

    Doesn't really bother me. I still haven't made up my mind if I'm going with PS4 or Xbox One and besides, GTA V will keep me occupied on my Xbox 360 for months while I make up my mind!

      I really do hope they have been or are going to work on GTA V for the next gen, seems like such a waste of potential.

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