You Are Not Prepared For The 'Alternate' Ending In The Last Of Us

You Are Not Prepared For The Last Of Us' 'Alternate' Ending

The excellent PS3 game The Last of Us had an equally excellent ending. As it turns out, that ending could have been very… uh… different.

In this (spoilery) video, writer/creative director Neil Druckmann walks us through some of the same alternate endings he spoke with me about after the game came out, then further elaborated upon at his PAX panel a few weeks ago. Then, he shows some footage of the recording session for another alternate ending in which actors Troy Baker and Merle Dandridge... well, just watch it.


    Haha brilliant! They should totally patch that in so when someone finishes new game+ mode that scene has a 1 in 10 chance of playing instead of the actual ending!

    I didn't rate it.
    After such a serious / emotional story, the singing is too comical. Just seems way out of place and inappropriate.
    But hey, thats just my opinion.

      You must be fun at parties. You realise, its not serious its the crew having some fun and it was recorded.

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