You Aren't The Only One Taking A Day Off For Grand Theft Auto V

You Aren't The Only One Taking A Day Off For Grand Theft Auto V

Here's a rather frank but hilarious notice spotted by lukedoof in front of a small British games shop called Console Yourself. Why bother opening the store when they know their customers and staff alike will be busy playing Grand Theft Auto V the day after launch day? It's good thinking, if you ask me.

I guess this is a good a place as any to announce Kotaku will be offline on September 17 and 18, right? (Kidding, people.)

[via r/grandtheftauto]


    I'd just be playing it at work if I worked there and get paid to play it :)

    I'll have to ask my boss for some time off :) The last time I did that (reason withholding) was for the release of Mass Effect 3.

      That feeling of 'Oh... I took time of for this.... damn.'

        everything bout mass effect 3 was great except the last 5 mins which due to kotaku's rules about excessive profanity in posts i cant adequately describe how god awful it was.

    I'd expect TAY to be nothing but swapping stories of GTA V as well as hints on the best way to survive without having to move from the couch

    I'm the same, I have booked my shift off work for GTA 5.

    The last time I took a day off was in High School.
    Muuuum, I'm sick *cough cough hack*. I'm old enough to look after myself.
    Parents leave, bus trip to games store, hello all day playing FFVIII.
    Now I'm an adult with a stay at home wife and a 1 year old. Even when I'm not at work, I never get the 'day off'.
    I plan to finish GTAV by 2016.

      you could always just say "woman!! keep the baby quite, Im playing GTA, and keep the beer and sandwiches comming when I yell for one."

      Then you will have plenty of time to play GTA5.

        At first I thought "Jeezus man, you don't know my wife..."
        And then I got the joke. You brilliant Goose, you.

        Hehe, if I'd do that, there wouldn't be any power to my PC within 10 sec, and playing ANYTHING would be plain impossible due to a screaming missus behind me starting with "WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!?!"

          Hang on hang on hang on.... would she at least bring the sammich?

            The term would be "throwing", and the only thing in that "sammich" would be the plate, probably with a side of middle finger and a glass of "you sleep on the couch".

      My misses wants kids now. I am an 'absolutely not' person, always have been. We are starting to have more and more arguments regarding this issue. But if I come home and find my PS3 + PC's smashed??? I'm getting the snip!

    The last time I did this MrsBS and I both took a day off work after the launch of Diablo III so we could get some quality game time in. Good times.

    My new production manager is a jerk. Doubt I'll be having time off for this. Maybe I'll chuck a sickie on Wednesday and that'll have to do.

      yuo could try saying " new Production manager!! Im playing GTA, give me the day off, and pay me double and a half time while your at it"

      then you will have plenty of time to play GTA5.

        I look forward to seeing you run this joke into the ground.

    Damn...I'll be in the US when GTA V drops.....Should I buy the game in the US or wait til I get back home and buy it

    The only cons I can see buying it from the US is that I'll need US PSN Cards if I want to buy DLC (which is a PITA)...

    The only good thing is that I when I get back, I got 4 solid days of gaming time before I go back into work

    I was planning on doing this but somehow ended up having to go into uni to work on project for my physics major T_T

      you could try saying "Uni Physics project!! Im playing GTA......go ??????"

      maybe my I cant do the joke three times......I have hit my limit.

    Instantly knew this was from Britain with the words "will be sat at home"......

    I wish I could take the day off on Tuesday :-( But waaayyyy too much work to be done [even if I was legitimately sick].
    I will be going to the midnight launch on Monday though, so will get an hour or two in before bed at least :p

    Don't think I've ever taken the day off work for the sole purpose of playing a game.. I love games.. but I have patience.

      I don't either but I was due an RDO so I just took it the same day.
      Sometimes it is fun just to act like a big kid and do something like this. Doesn't hurt to release the inner child.

    Its a shame. My traineeship(and employment) would be terminated. So I'll be working sadly. However that's going to be the worst Damn train ride home. Sitting there with my collectors edition all nicely wrapped up.

    Hopefully my wife will have the good decency to go into labour shortly after getting it so my 4 week holiday/daddy training camp can begin!

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