You Can Play Fruit Ninja On This Laptop By Waving Your Finger Around

Leap Motion technology is a cool thing, I reckon that's totally been established, but Leap Motion technology built into a 17-inch laptop? That's just slick design and it's got me wondering if technology like this is good enough to truly become a thing we'll see in all laptops in the future.

The above computer is the HP Envy 17 and the Leap Motion tech has apparently been halved to squeeze inside the laptop and bunged on to what looks like a little fingerprint strip next to the touch pad.

I love this idea. Laptops are so ubiquitous these days that tech of this kind has to work on them to be feasible on a grand scale. Good to see that it's not only possible but it can be done with a minimum of fuss. That makes it far easier for tech of this kind to be put into games in some way.

I don't know if its precise enough to be used in a game like Fruit Ninja — I get the impression there is still a slight lag from the above video, but it's still super, super cool.

Via Gizmodo


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