You Can Play Star Fox Multiplayer On Steam, Via Team Fortress 2

Star Fortress is only in pre-alpha, the devs kicking the tyres to see how stuff works, but already it looks incredible. If only because it's Star Fox. Running as a multiplayer game. On the PC. As a Team Fortress 2 mod.

[TF2] Star Fortress [Grey Mann Gaming]


    Nintendos Cease and Desist by the end of the week.

      Pretty sure Super Mario Crossover would get one first before this.

    That is clearly Garrys mod.

      Not it isn't, it's just on a map that looks like Flatgrass.

    If there were any justice in this world, whoever was responsible for this could simply casually mention it in a bar, and be getting laid within minutes.

      I would at least give them a solid feeling-up, regardless of age or gender.

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