You Can Play Your Original SNES Online, Don't You Know

You Can Play Your Original SNES Online, Don't You Know

This is SNESoIP, an open-source project put together by a pair of Germans that lets you play original SNES games, using original SNES hardware, over the internet.

You could technically do this back in the day using stuff like XBAND, but it was terrible. This, despite it's been in development for only a few weeks, looks a lot easier.

The tech is pretty simple (and ingenious). Because the games obviously don't have any in-built online multiplayer options, SNESoIP simply plugs into a console's controller port and beams the inputs to the other console.

It's open source, so if you're crafty you can download information on how to build it yourself (and also donate to the creators as a "thanks!") here.

SNESoIP: The SNES ethernet adaptor [GitHub, via Motherboard]


    Let's just take a minute to appreciate that us PAL people got the the good, nice looking SNES instead of the gross purple-buttoned thing that the NTSC people got.

      I was a Mega Drive devotee back in the day, but I was always jealous of how sexy the pal SNES was/is.

    Sinces its only synchronising the inputs its probably only good for games with no random variations in AI etc. :(

    I'll just take a minute here to mention VirtualNES for those unaware of it, which is a website that lets you play a LOT of NES games through your browser. Good funs for those 10 minute 'quick game before X'.

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