You Will Believe In Browser-Based Games After Playing Card Hunter

Assembled by a magical gathering of collectible card and video game talent, Card Hunter is a truly unique of deck building and tabletop role-playing that no fan of either should miss — and since it’s browser-based and free, no fan has to.

We live in an amazing time, my friends. When the likes of Richard “Magic: The Gathering” Garfield and Jonathan “Irrational Games co-founder” Chey join together to create a deck-building, tactical role-playing hybrid with strong ties to traditional tabletop gaming, we should be handing them large stacks of money, not slipping over to and playing for free.

I’ve been following the game’s progress since Kirk Hamilton went nuts for it in September of last year, never really expecting it to be as cool as he made it out to be. It’s not. It’s completely geeky and wonderful instead.

There have been many good browser-based games over the years, but lately we’re seeing a rise in Facebook refugees, bringing the stigma of free-to-play social wide. Card Hunter is not one of those. It spits on those — well, it draws a spit card and plays it at the appropriate time.

There are optional things to buy and optional memberships to purchase, but those, as you may have guessed, are optional. Watch me play. Or go and play the game yourself. Or paint a picture of what you think the game might look like, and then go see if you were close.

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