Fine Art: Your Box Art Is Drawn By Talented Humans

Your Box Art Is Drawn By Talented Humans

One of the reasons I run Fine Art is so that artists, who play such a major role in shaping our attachment with our favourite series, get some of the recognition they deserve. That goes double for the images on the front of the box.

Even today, in the age of digital downloads, the single image selected to appear on a game's cover art is important. It's there not just to grab the eye, but to tell the consumer what the game's all about. The tone, the content, the inspiration, all in one picture.

So the new site BOX=ART has instantly become one of my new daily internet pitstops.

It's looking at some of the best and most iconic examples of box art in video game history, and shedding some light on the people responsible for the image. There are also longer pieces outlining periods and trends in the business, and links to other sites where you can see more work from the same artist.

So good.

BOX=ART [Site]


    Love it. I tend not to think of box art as much compared to something like album artwork, but some is pretty awesome (Ie. old school PC game boxes). Others maybe not so much - ie. Master System game boxes. Well maybe in their own way...

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