You’ve Got Lightning Returns In My Final Fantasy XIV

You’ve Got Lightning Returns In My Final Fantasy XIV

There is no greater power in the realm of Eorzea than cross-promotion, be it with Dragon Quest or the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The pink-haired paladin of justice makes a trip to MMO-land to drop off clothes in a special event.

They’re called Fates, public quests that spawn all over the open-world areas of Final Fantasy XIV, and one of them has Lightning in it. Players will fight by her side against the big-arse critter in the video, earning Lightning Returns-themed gear in the process. According to the original cross-over announcement, that means Lightning outfits for the ladies and Snow gear for men.

Like those.

Meanwhile, in Lightning Returns

Pink hair and cat ears? Somebody’s been reading my diary.

The Miqo’te costume and equipment based on the MMO’s city-states will be unlockable in next-year’s Lightning Returns via dark secrets. I shall unlock them as quickly as possible, so she is never without fluffy ears again.


    • Game is bloody good. Server issue is resolved but you don’t be able to create your character during peak hour as they will temporary disable it to cope.

    • The game meets and succeeds in what we know and love about Final Fantasy. Servers have been fine two weeks after launch (though Odin and Behemoth FATE’s still risk crashing the zone they spawn in, since EVERYONE wants to fight them… when they can see them).

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