You've Played As Master Chief. Why Not Try Playing As Cortana?

The Fall is an upcoming indie game that, as you might have guessed by the headline, flips a famous gaming convention on its head.

It's not an official Halo game, of course, but the inspiration is clear, in that you're assuming the role of an AI that helps control the armoured combat suit of a futuristic soldier.

The Fall starts to take on a life of its own, though, when you learn that the soldier you're stuck inside is unconscious. And while you've got the best intentions in helping him stay alive, you're playing as an AI, meaning you're stuck with the laws of robotics.

Which causes problems when they clash; what do you do when you must protect a human, but also harm other humans in order to protect him?

The Fall takes a little bit of point-and-click adventuring, platforming and shooting and throws them all together. And while the Cortana influence seems obvious, as a game, its inspiration is more in line with games like Metroid.

The game's up on both Kickstarter and Steam's Greenlight.


    It has a very swapper look - which is not a bad thing :)

    An AI stuck within the three laws of robotics? I'm sorry but that does not compute.

    It looks uncomfortably close to The Swapper. I was expecting him to say he'd worked on it or something.

    And tell me, did that guy hit uncanny valley for anyone else? I spent more then half the video convinced that he was a CGI character with motion capture or something. His hair looks textured onto his head. But there's no reason for him to be CGI, so it must just be the lighting or something. The way his body doesn't make any huge movements. It's creepy, I tell you.

      That's because he's an AI.
      That's why he's making a game about an AI.

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