The Evil Within Is Going Straight Back To Survival Horror's Roots

A bunch of cops. A sprawling, mysterious mansion. Hints of creepy occult stuff going down. Dead bodies. Loads of gore. Everything that you want from the creator of Resident Evil looks to be in full effect in The Evil Within.

Just in time for the Tokyo Game Show, the newest clip for Shinji Mikami's upcoming game offers a bit of setup and glimpses of in-game footage, showing disturbing creatures and what looks like a few deathtraps. It's the mood that shines through though: filled with dread and tension, telling you that you're going to need a strong stomach to make it this one. The Evil Within comes out next year.


    While I have massive respect for Shinji Mikami, he's technically not the father of survival horror. Frederick Raynal did it before that with the original Alone in the Dark back in the early 1990s. And I'm sure there's other games that would fall under that category that were made before then.

    On a more important note though, this looks fantastic!

    EDIT: Also this seems to take the Silent Hill approach to survival horror. Totally different direction than what Resident Evil ended up taking. I like that series, but bloody hell, there's not a single scary moment in the recent releases.

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      There will hardly ever be proper scary moments in games any more, at least for us. We are adults now, so desensitised to violence and horror that we no longer react the same as we did when we were young and games were still treading new ground. We might get a bit of tension, but fear? Not so much these days.
      To put it another way, I have been through every single Umbrella related accident that series has to offer, when I play as series vets who are well established zombie ass kicking mofos, another horde of undead and giant mutants is just the latest addition to a life time sized body count.

      Even Silent Hill, one of my fav series, can only get me a little worked up these days.

      (This game seems to be the best of both worlds, which I can really get on board for)

        I know, in a way it really sucks doesn't it? I remember the frights I could get out of block shaped characters in Resident Evil. Now I'd happily play Dead Space, Silent Hill or any 'scary' game that's thrown my way, alone with the lights switched off and sound up. :(

          Hopefully you'll be in luck with this one - the hashtag they're promoting is #bringbackhorror.

    I agree, but the the term was coined by the resident evil technically.....

    Looking forward to The Evil Within. Got it on pre-order for the PS4. Unlike most other games I buy, this one won't be sitting in my pile of shame (now more like two bookcases of shame now, actually).

    Give it a sequel or 2, it will just end up being a gears of war clone.

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