Zelda-Themed Animal Crossing Town Is Crazy Impressive

There are impressive Animal Crossing towns, and then there's this: an incredible recreation of Koholint from the Game Boy game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, presented as if it's a dream world of its own.

Check out the video — it's quite well done.


    Okay is it just me, or does Link have button eyes. As in Coralline style button eyes...

    Nope, its just you. Those eyes dont look like Coraline style button eyes at all. More like Wedgwood style button eyes :D

    so its just the sprites overlayed on the ground... that's "Impressive"

    Surely he could have planted actual flowers instead.

    I was playing one of the original Pokemon Mystery Dungeons a while ago. And I was also playing Zelda Phantom Hourglass. They both have the exact same scene at the start as this game (The Zelda one is after Link falls off the boat)

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