130+ Games In Two Weeks? Time To Slow Down, Steam

130+ Games In Two Weeks? Time to Slow Down, Steam

The Steam community is certainly a productive bunch. In total, the last two weeks gave us one-hundred and 30 seven new Greenlight titles to look forward to. That's... rather impressive. Of course, this means there's a whole bunch of platformers, horror games, and RPGs for us to check out, so let's get started!

Note: Being Greenlit means that a game has been approved for distribution on Steam. It doesn't guarantee a release — projects may be abandoned, crowdfunding campaigns may fail, developers may disappear. All it means that if a Greenlit game ever gets near a playable state, it is guaranteed a spot on the Steam store.

First, we'll take a look at the 37 titles approved on October 16:

And now, here's yesterday's batch of one hundred titles:

Phew. My personal favourite is the amazing-looking trucking sim, Spintires — the game featured on the top image — but I'm really looking forward to the new Eschalon, as well. What about you folks?

37 Titles Greenlit Today [Steam] 100 Titles Greenlit Today [Steam]


    "one-hundred and 30 seven"

    I one 00 per¢ agree.

      I almost skipped reading one hundred because of this.

      I'm glad someone else picked up on that.

      I don't usually get hung up on that sort of stuff but that was hard to get past.

      Agreed... I have been seeing this trend increasing on, mainly, the Allure Media sites.. not sure where this has come from.. whether it is an oversight in the editing or an actual "thing" now...

      It's like they didn't know how to spell thirty or something.. or maybe it was auto-corrected and the editor didn't check it...

      one-hundred and 30 seven.. very odd regardless.

        It's probably their "Aussification", you know like how "$100" gets converted into "100 $ US".
        Because apparently the US is "right" and we need everything translated to be able to understand it?

      yeah what was that all about?

        . Wrong reply button :/

        Last edited 31/10/13 3:25 pm

      I only came onto this thread to see if someone pointed this error out.

    like 3 a day would be good....maybe 5. though the are just game that are greenlit so some of them will proboly fall over and die before they get released.

    I might buy th somme...even though its multiplayer and the chances of finding other australians after the first week to play with are slim I want to suport WW1 games when they come casue I think there should be more.

    Last edited 31/10/13 1:45 pm

    Awesome! More games that I'd really like to play but won't be able to for some indeterminate amount of time while they are finished being developed... /s Though there are quite a few titles in there that are already available on Desura and the internet in general so hopefully they will come out sooner rather than later. On a related note, I'm curious to see how many Greenlight titles have been announced in comparison to how many are actually on the store, I've kind of lost track of what I've been looking forward to.

    Last edited 31/10/13 1:52 pm

      If you actually voted on them when they were in greenlight you can check the list of ones you selected and if it has a green tick then it is released.
      Currently there are 315 games that have been green lit and are in production and 107 that have been released. This can be full release or into beta program thing. So about a quarter released so far. (really would be about a third considering the greenlit group increased by 100 today

    Hmm. This isn't so much a look at the games, or highlighting particular ones of note, but rather a list of links to the Steam store.

    Grumpily disappointed.

      And I've got to be honest, the link-list on the actual steam store page (eg: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=184523004) is so much better.

        This was my quick take on it

          See, that's much more informative. Good work!

    This is cool and all but a lot if theses games ate a long way from release, plus what with the dark matter controversy I'm not convinced until there's an actual product out

    You get a greenlight, you get a greenlight, everyone gets a green light!!

    Seemed like such a great idea at the start, but then again so did the whole early access idea that can sometimes harm rather than help

    Plenty of interesting suspects. J.U.L.I.A and The Fall look particularly interesting.

    When are we getting 'stomping land', thats all I care about.

    I saw Spintires on their kickstarter. I downloaded the very early pre-alpha demo but never ended up playing it. It's one of those niche games that is so awesome that everyone else should think it is awesome too. Gonna try it out.

      ive played it and its a great game the driving sim fans will love. While the demo is very limited. Its very realistic and i enjoyed it loads. Ive spent hours just playing the tech demo. Cant wait for the full game. Would just love it if they could add some more view points such as cockpit.

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