35 Ways To Die In Grand Theft Auto V

35 Ways To Die In Grand Theft Auto V

There are the usual, boring ways you can die like in car crashes and getting shot by the police, and then there are a few spectacular ones.

Like sharks. And sometimes vehicle combos. My favourite might be simply: wall, in which you smash your forehead against a wall. Hey, it's possible. Thanks for taking one for the team, Achievement Hunter! I enjoyed watching you die over and over.


    There is some funny ways to die in this, though running into a wall I do not think should count.. unless your super fast like superman, how can running into a wall kill you? it should hurt you, and if you do it enough yeah then kill you but not 1 hit... driving cars you should put seat belts on :P (though its more fun not to lol)

      I suppose one could knock themselves out, fall to the ground, hit their head in the wrong spot and bam... dead.

      Similar to people being punched once, falling over, hitting their head and dying... I guess.

      The wall only killed him because his health was already in the red. It would take a lot of running headfirst at the wall to kill yourself from full :p

        ah ok, I did not see that, I am still waiting for my copy to arrive (not happy at all lol) so not gotten to play it.. so not seen where the hp bar / armor bar etc is in this one..

      Actually, it's pretty easy to kill yourself at low speed if you hit the wall with your head first (eg run and jump head first towards a wall) - a long time ago when I was a Unit student in medecine, in biophysics we calculated various impacts which would break a human skull, and it doesn't take much (for example if you fall head first, you only needed about a 1 to 2m to severaly break your skull and likely die from it).

      it doesn't really kill the character either, what with the game teleporting you to the nearest hospital and taking your cash.

    Thank you Gavin!

    Remember, 35 ways to die in GTA, not real life.

    Edit: this was meant to be a reply to @zousug

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    The kids were watching me mess around with gta last night. I think my 5 year old May have actually wet himself laughing when I got eaten by the shark. Also, for those with an adventurous heart, your boat just sinks when you go too far away from the island....so no boat trips to Australia for the gang.

    I haven't killed myself by jumping into a wall, but I have fallen over a lot by jumping a little too early when trying to clear a fence. It still makes me chuckle when I do it.

    My most frustrating deaths are when I accidentally tip a quad bike at low speed, bang dead, WTF!

      Well supposedly quads are actually kinda dangerous IRL so maybe it makes sense? *shrug*

        lol, yeah, and in real life I could run someone over and just hide from the cops and they'll go away.

    hit by cable car is my favourite

      My fave was probably the one where he got sliced by the chopper, simply because of the sheer chance of the timing and/or level of engineering involved in such a death.

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