5 Minutes In BioShock Infinite's Rapture Shows A City Before The Fall

We're goin' back to Rapture ... Rapture ... with Booker and Elizabeth in Burial at Sea, the first downloadable extension to BioShock Infinite, and if you have to ask why they ended up there and Booker is a Sam Spade caricature, you probably have not finished the game.

It's nice to see Rapture looking so lovely before everything went Lord of the Flies, however, though you definitely catch the whiff of an arrogant idealism due for karmic smackdown. There's a spoiler warning at the beginning of the trailer, so heed it unless you're fully caught up on events, or don't if you just want to skip to the good stuff.

Burial at Sea is due to release sometime this holiday season; it will cost $US15.


    Am I the only person worried about going back to Rapture? (Well, me and Gus from Roosterteeth)

    I feel like that area has been done and going back there is mostly just fan service (I found it to be complete fan service in the Infinite game) and rather then adding to it the DLC will take too much away.

      I wouldn't say it's fan service, just that the Irrational guys liked the world and wanted to flesh it out more. Which, I'd guess, will have narrative reasons as well. That said, I agree more Columbia would've been awesome. DLC allowing you to explore more Columbia just like the start bit and I'd have considered giving it a higher mental rating than Bioshock

      I'm sort of with you on this. I was looking forward to what Levine would come up with for the DLC (it sure is taking him long enough), but was a bit disappointed. I do like Columbia more than Rapture though and was expecting more adventures there. Though I do like the look of pre-fall Rapture and I'm hoping there will be cool story twists.

    I found Infinite so disappointing - sure it's a great piece of world building but it felt like nothing much had improved in terms of narrative method, the combat failed to excite...I'm a gamer on a tight budget and I already feel burnt on buying Infinite in it's first week of release so I can't see me plonking out $18AUD for more of the same despite my love of the original bioshock

      On the other hand, I thought it was the best game I'd played all year. The combat wasn't too special, but the story and storytelling I found amazing.

    I really dont like the 'dust on the lens' effect.

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