The Big Question: AFL Or NRL

Okay, let's talk sportsball. I don't think we've ever talked about sportsball in 'The Big Question' and boy do I have a question for you. This question is simple: NRL or AFL?

I know it's not a video game question. I've asked about cats and dogs before, so please forgive me!

Being a bit of a sports fan in general, I've been to both NRL games and AFL games live. Despite being a pale, pasty Scotsman I've actually started to get a grip on the rules of both games. And I hate to pick a preference in such things, but I actually prefer AFL. I know, this will be absolute blasphemy to roughly 50% of you! So try and convince me otherwise? Which do you prefer? Vote below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


    Why not do a larger survey that includes more sports? Or at least include an option for none of the above.

      Or maybe even include a sport that calls itself 'football' where you actually use your foot to kick the ball.

        What, are you trying to refer to the pussy sport of soccer... where, god forbid, if you get slightly nudged it's an absolute actor fest to try and prove you were fouled or whatever it's called? Yeah ok sure....

          Well I'm definitely not referring to the sport that seems to be entirely populated by steroid abusing thugs who glass women in the face and bite each others penises.

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        Or you could think about the etymology of the word where it references a ball sport played on foot. As opposed to horseback or something else

          I never thought about it like that, although I'm not sure it's a distinction that really needs to be be made, it's not like we're getting it confused with baseball or elephant polo.

        Aussie Rules fits that.

          Then why are they always carrying it around with their hands?

          Also I hate they way people (especially commentators) refer to it as 'AFL Footy' so what they're saying is actually 'Australian Football League... Footy'.

            Because it isn't soccer. Different games have different rules, and soccer and aussie rules both involve kicking the ball quite a lot*. A goal in aussie rules doesn't even count unless it is kicked in (amusingly distinct from soccer where heading the ball is just as valid).

            *Obviously soccer has more kicking than aussie rules, but aussie rules still has far more kicking than most other alleged "football" sports (rugby and gridiron as the obvious culprits).

              I'm aware AFL isn't soccer, no need for clarification. It definitely has more kicking than other ball related sports though, I'll give you that.

              Although AFL may only count goals if they are kicked, you still get points if you miss the quite large area of the main goal posts and get it through what I like to refer to as the 'training wheel' goal posts. So both sports have their concessions.

              Football sometimes has it's stupid moments though ie: Maradona.

            They carry it with their hands because the rules state they can. They use their FOOT to kick the BALL because it's a good option to move the ball. The commentators call it 'AFL Footy' because it is the AFL level of football, as opposed to 'Local Footy' or 'State Footy'.

        You mean like AFL where you kick the ball with your foot. At least, unlike grid iron ( and rugby to a lesser extent), the primary form of ball movement is actually kicking,

    *Stares at question*

    *Blinks a lot*

    *Looks left and right as though clues will appear there*

    *Stares at question some more*

    The thing about... Arsenal is, they always try to walk it in.

    I can't answer this, but if the question was "Which one do you despise the most? there would need to be an "Equal amounts" option.

    AIHL\NHL. No grassy field sports for me :P

      Ice Hockey all the way! #Bleedorange ;)

        #GoStarsGo! 'Stangs are my secondary ;)


    I think you might want to expand your horizons a little as there are more than two kinds of "football" in this country. And both of those are popular at a global level.

    NRL for sure! AFL is a strange game. As a pom, I've learnt to tolerate it, but it's pretty weird.

    To quote the little girl in the tv AD's "Why not both"

      yaaaaaaay! *raises xuchiex on his shoulder*

    Born and bred in QLD, so it's NRL all the way... honestly, I think it has a lot to do with where you live/grew up in Australia.

      I grew up in WA and couldn't give a flying, but I now live in Victoria and hear stories of parents alienating or disowning their kids because they follow a different AFL team. It's bizzare to me.
      While it's footy in WA, in Queensland Rugby is footy and AFL is Aussie Rules.
      Easiest way to tell a state/countries favourite is to work out what sport it calls "football".

    NRL is awesome. Except when you reach the end of the season, then you really love it for a while, then you fucking hate it.

    Screw you football!

    Where is C?

    C) Couldn't give a fat rats clacker about either!

      Think of it like the two-party-preferred number in the opinion polls. Even if you hate both, you nominate the one that you hate slightly less than the other.

        Well, I guess living in SA, we don't have to listen about NRL players' groins all that much, so I'd say I dislike NRL the least

    I vote for the one with the ball thing and toned men groping each other

    NRL. I like contact sports and the rules make more sense to me than a game that stops everytime the ball is caught.

    I was brought up on NRL.
    loved it as a kid, but as I got older the culture of the game changed (or maybe I just started noticing it)
    now I find the idea that anyone involved with that game & its thuggish, glorified bogan mentality of booze violence & sleaze could be seen as a celebrity or role model absolutely embarrassing.
    so definitely not NRL.

    & being from NSW, I'm not allowed to have an opinion on AFL.

    so I'm gonna say I prefer proper football (soccer).
    then Rugby Union, though I'm not a huge follower.

    Edit: /not helping

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      If it helps, I had the exact same revelations about AFL.

      My vote goes to Quake.

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      Cooper Cronk goes alright as a role model.
      1 in 300 players isn't too bad?

    Going to the game: AFL wins. (bigger crowd, better atmosphere, longer games = more value)
    On TV: NRL is easier to watch on TV but in terms of ratings AFL was been winning over the last 2 years.
    They are both good but in terms of media exposure and revenue the AFL wins hands down.


    Always preferred Ice Hockey. Pity there aren't too many fans here.

      Start following your local team. Go to THEAIHL.COM for more info on the Australian clubs

      There are more of us than you think....

        I meant in comparison to the U.S, I know there are a few here but we can't beat the national sports.

          Oh, of course. Hopefully, there will be greater exposure over time. Take more friends to AIHL games, then host NHL watching parties with Gamecenter, or vice versa - We'll get more people interested through word of mouth that way! Hockey has the ability to gain a great following over here, it's just that most people have never experienced it to know what they're missing.

            Yes! Exactly that. I've only shown a handful of friends the sport and all of them have shown more of an interest in it than our national ones.

            I think the biggest boost here would be more advertisements on free to air, Because lets face it, Those who pay for the sport channels may already be watching the games.

    Neither, its all about the world game!

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