While You Were Sleeping

I like Thursdays. I don't know why. I just do. It's morning, it's 9am, it's time for While You Were Sleeping.

A lot of Nintendo news this week. Is it just me or do people seem a lot more interested in Nintendo these days — just in general. There's a new Wii U bundle. Looks like the bundle comes packed in with New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi Bros. U instead on Nintendo Land. Weird. Especially since Nintendo Land is the game that's supposed to represent asymmetric gameplay.

Nintendo also announced some new colours for the 3DS XL. They actually look cool. Also, since you're all seemingly obsessed with Pokemon right now, these are the best starting Pokemon according to science.

Finally, this is an army robot that has a machine gun. It's pretty much an ED-209. And here's something pretty cool about Xbox One's new achievements.

In Short New Wii U Bundle Includes Mario And Luigi Pack In Not Nintendo Land Army Robot Fires Machine Gun, Internet Watches In Horror Nintendo Has Limited Edition 3DS XLs, They're Pretty Hot The Best Starting Pokemon According To Science Something Else Cool About The Xbox One's New Achievements


    I think Thursdays are 'light at the end of the tunnel' days. You're on the home stretch.

    Monday is the dread day - funtime is over, it is literally the longest from the weekend you will ever be. Tuesday is possibly worse because now you're still facing many days of work, but you're also tired from Monday, as opposed to well-rested by a Sunday. Wednesday is 'hump day' and is prevented by being the worst day by the fact that at least you have two days under your belt already. Friday is practically a fun day in itself because during that night you have a lot to look forward to - partying hard.

    So on Thursday, you have the relief of knowing that tomorrow is a party day. It's basically the new Friday.

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