Batman Tries To Buy Arkham Origins. Fails Miserably.

Usually viral marketing is about as funny as haemorrhoids, but this little effort (I'm assuming) from Warner Brothers is pretty good. Watch as 'Batman' enters what looks like a Gamestop in the US and attempts to find an early copy of Batman: Arkham Origins.

I guess I just love anything that takes the piss out of Christian Bale's ludicrous Batman voice.


The whole thing escalates. Pretty soon they have a Bane in there and a dozen Batmen screaming for a copy of the game. Pretty funny stuff.

But yeah, they should have totally gotten the TVMaxwell kid to do it. The original and best.


    First review is up

    Poor dog

      Exactly what I thought, that kid seems a bit disturbed to me.

        You haven't seen the half of it.

        He's a great filmmaker though.

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    I'm guessing this shouldn't be in the blurb?

      Since they removed that part, this whole article makes no sense to me.

      It's a Riddle you have to solve. Edward Nygma strikes again!

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