A Free-To-Play RPG With A Dark Souls Twist

Ascend: Hand of Kul is a free-to-play RPG on Xbox 360, and it's surprisingly fun. Sure, you do have to look past all the HEY BUY THIS but it's a decent hack-and-slash where you can peek into other players' worlds and banish some of your enemies for them to deal with. Not a bad gimmick.

There are definitely some problems with the game HEY BUY THIS but overall, I managed to enjoy myself for a few hours without spending any money at all. The Dark alignment ended up feeling incredibly slow to me, but that's supposedly the tradeoff for high damage. I still need to try out the Light side for a good comparison.

Ascend is out now on Xbox Live Marketplace and you can download it for zero dollars.


    As far as free to play games go, I think it's pretty damn good.

    Also, I've played for many hours (level 25ish and I've ascended 5 times), and I actually don't know where to go to spend real money...

    Love this as far as a freebie goes.

    You can buy more souls in the inventory page where you buy new equipment. It still has them listed as M$ point, but it swaps them into the real word currency.

      If that was directed at me, I'm sure I could find where to buy more souls if I wanted. Some FTP games almost require you to start paying real money when you get further in, but it doesn't seem that important in this, just a way to get a leg up on upgrades/spells.

      My comment was more directed at the original article that suggests the in game purchases are really in your face.

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