A Game That Might Actually Make Karaoke Fun For Everyone

A Game That Might Actually Make Karaoke Fun For Everyone

Karaoke is fun for some. For many, however, even with booze involved, it tends to be an exercise in fear and awkwardness. So hopefully this new card game can help.

Karaokards is actually two games in one. Here’s the pitch:

So when you support Karaokards you’re getting two different games: Karaokards Classic to play during karaoke — at home, on a night out or wherever and however you choose — and Karaokards Columns to play with friends around a table (which can also involve drunken singing, but doesn’t have to).

The key here is that, unlike pretty much any other karaoke experience (but especially singing games), there’s no competition. No pressure. It’s using the systems of a card game to ease you into singing out loud, where normally you might feel too embarrassed to try.

It’s currently up on Kickstarter and only asking for £5900 ($9900).

Karaokards: a card game for people who love music [Kickstarter]


  • maybe it’s just my group of friends, but seeing as how we’re all into music pretty heavily in one way or another, there’s not really anyone who’s afraid to sing. I fail to see how a card game will convince those who don’t want to sing to get up and do it

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