A Japanese Cat Cafe That Specialises In Black Cats

A Japanese Cat Cafe That Specialises In Black Cats

If Japanese cat cafes weren’t niche enough, a “black cat specialty cafe” has appeared in Himeji, Japan. Dubbed “Cafe Cafe Nekobiyaka Kuro Neko cm”, the feline paradise, as MyNavi explains, opened as a “black cat cafe” late last month and is now filled with 10 black furry friends. Nekobiyaka claims that it is (maybe! perhaps?) the first black cat cafe of its kind in Japan.

The entrance fee for one hour is 1,000 yen (around US$10), with an extra 500 yen ($5) for a 30-minute extension. Soft drinks are 400 yen ($4) a pop, while alcohol is 600 yen ($6).

There are some rules: Visitors are not allowed to pick up and hold the cats; however, they can pet the animals in moderation. The reason for these rules is that excessive handling of the cats can cause them stress. Children are also not allowed, but middle schoolers can visit Nekobiyaka with their guardians.

What about this kid? Can she enter?

黒猫専門の猫カフェがオープン! [MyNavi via まとめ]

Photos: cat cafe ねこびやか/MyNavi


  • I think this idea is ridiculously brilliant. They are receiving free advertising by media coverage and people are willing to pay a cheap price for the service. I wish I could go somewhere in my town and pay $10 for an hour so I could pet cats without being frowned upon. lol. It would make me much happier.

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