A Look Back At 18 Years Of PlayStation (To Make You Feel Old)

Sony Europe released this tribute video today, a stylised look at 18 years of gaming with PlayStation consoles on that continent. Wait a minute, this dude has lived in the same room for 18 years?

Kidding; this isn't meant to be taken literally, it's just an amalgamation of all the things you might remember about the console — or life around it (nice product placement shot of that Domino's pizza box). PlayStation Access says it was inspired by the #playstationmemories hashtag, which got a lot of reaction when it trended back during the PS4's debut in February.

No idea if they'll do one for North America, but the general theme fits on this side of the Atlantic, too. And hey, it's also a reminder that PlayStation has reached the age of majority, and you are officially old.


    I had a launch PS1, PS2 and PS3 but apparently i wont be getting a launch PS4 because Australia has a cut off date that i missed by a week, June 4? Thanks Sony.

      Oh what? Are there special launch ones? Surely there will be plenty of stock to just pick one up at a store on day one?

        Sadly no, and I speak as someone who works at a gaming retailer. Pretty much day one consoles are all gone, and orders can be made for the second drop :(

        Last edited 22/10/13 10:17 am

          Oh dang. Maybe someone will cancel their order and @bagmup will get lucky!

            Thanks man, i have been offering sexual favours to my local EB manager, doesn't seem to be working though...

      @bagmup I've secured a launch PS4 but am on the fence about getting it at launch. I'm pretty sure I'll be giving it a miss in place of getting a stack of PS3 games. I could sell you the console at cost if you were interested?

      Last edited 22/10/13 10:28 am

        Cheers man, are you still on my PS3 friends list? I cant remember haha. I'm definitely in, you rock.

          Yeah, pretty sure your still on there. Email me at grabda-at-exemail-dot-com-dot-au and we can work out the details.

      After being told by JB and EB that their pre-order allocations were exhausted. I decided to check out BigW. Turns out I was third to pre-order at that specific store, this was in September.

    The black guy didnt change his haircut for all those years? Hmmmmmm....i dont think so.

    "No idea if they’ll do one for North America, but the general theme fits on this side of the Atlantic, too."

    Do you guys ever even SLIGHTLY adapt content for Australia?

    If he was 18 (living by himself uni age) he is now 36. and living in a one bedroom flat, the same one he was in during uni.


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    That was a stupid tribute video.

    The guy was playing RE4 on his PS2 (a game that was originally exclusive to the GameCube, and one of the first RE in general to not be exclusive to the PlayStation). The Gran Turismo segment was weird as well. They looked as if they were just trying to drive into each - sort of goes against the more focused nature of the game...

    If they wanted to hit home they should have shown off some Crash Bandicoot, serious footage of GT and maybe some God of War/Uncharted or something. Not Killzone, urgh...

    PaRappa the Rapper would have been bonus points.

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      I think the point of it is more about enjoying games rather than being all serious about it. Calm down.

      That Gran Turismo footage actually looked pretty realistic, that's how I'd play it with my sisters anyway. They weren't the best at driving games so we'd play around crashing into each other instead, or doing laps in the opposite direction to each other and trying for a head on collision as we passed.

      Oh Noes! You can't play a game that's not exclusive!
      I fail to see why that matters at all.

    well i am 18 and i've had (still have) every playstation console and am getting the PS4 on launch, i can honestly say im a PS guy for life now

    I actually really liked that ad. I've had some good times with the PlayStation.

    I love how honest Sony is to show a replacement PS3 @2:25 (maybe from YLOD? :P )

    This is the second time I've noticed in PS4 ads, they have the controller next to the unit, and the actor turns the power on at the console and then picks up the controller and walks away. Who does that?? Who doesn't keep the controller near the couch and just turns it on with that?

    the one thing i noticed from this ad was that for ps 1, 2 and 3 they were playing with someone else but for ps 4 he was playing a single player game

    What's so weird about having the same bedroom for 18 years? Pretty sure I've had mine longer.

    Did anyone else get goosebumps from all those PS1 sounds or was I the only one?

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