A Very Floppy PC Version Of Grand Theft Auto V Is For Sale On eBay

A PC Version Of Grand Theft Auto V Is For Sale On eBay (Haha)

And it's only $US1! Bargain!

From the seller's description:

Selling my PC version of GTAV.

Awesome game, finished it already so not really playing it anymore.

Hard to find for PC.

Requires a decent PC to run it.

As you can see in the 2nd images the disk has no scratches.

What you see is what you get.

Looks legit.

GTAV - PC Version - SUPER RARE!!!!!!!!! [eBay, via Gamesniped]

A PC Version Of Grand Theft Auto V Is For Sale On eBay (Haha)


    I'm calling into question your claim of legitness, the logo is upside down after all.

      And what does that logo read imation, add 'it' in the middle and what do you get ? Imitation.
      Therefore not legit.

        HL3 CONFIRMED!!!

      Obviously it's a printing error, therefore even rarer and more valuable.

      But... that end is the "up" side... >> Isn't it?

    1.44mb disk? I call hacks!

    It would require at least 2 of those.

    Wow compression has gone to a whole new level - all of that on a single 1.44MB floppy.

      Didn't you know that tech would one day come full circle. That's not a 1.44Mb floppy, it's a 1.44Tb floppy....At least make an effort and print the cover and stick on the bloody thing...try and make it look half-legit

      Last edited 03/10/13 10:29 pm

    What a liar. I can see a scratch on that disk.

    I do not even see how this is news worthy :S lol..

      welcome to the wonderful world of Luke Plunkett.

    wow, another person trying to be funny. yay for more "redditifcation" of the internet.


    this is just about as stupid as people who put up "8ft snowman, some assembly required" and post a picture of their snowed in front lawn.

    isnt there already enough spam on the internet?

    how about as a society we don't promote and therefore reward people who clutter and dumb down one of mankind's greatest inventions, a way to share information with anyone and everyone.

    2HD, its the double High definition or half 4 K version. Wow, so excited, must place a bid.

    I really think you need to review or remove the link,

    Dont want people bidding up on all the super rare benchwarmer gear i just bid on.

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