A Quick Tour Of Battlefield 4's Multiplayer Maps

This isn't just any quick over view of the many places you'll attack, defend and possibly even kill other dudes in: it's a quick tour of most of the Battlefield 4 multiplayer maps on the "Ultra" graphics setting on PC. Which is to say, this is about as pretty as it can it can get.

Here is the list of maps included in this video by MattTheMusketeer | Battlefield 4 in 1080p:

0:06 Operation Locker 0:27 Hainan Resort 0:51 Flood Zone 1:29 Rogue Transmission 1:53 Zavod 311 2:27 Golmud Railway 3:07 DawnBreaker 3:21 Lancang Dam

Battlefield 4 All Maps in ULTRA SETTINGS! [MattTheMusketeer | Battlefield 4 in 1080p]


    Looks interesting!
    Have it on order for ps4 but seeing this I might just cave and get it on 360 tonight at one of the launches!

    still waitin on OZGameShop to send me my product key can't wait MUST PLAY!

      Same here. I'm guessing because they're in the UK and the UK release date is the 1st of November they can't send out keys til than, being a EA game and all.

      Got mine preloaded today. My key was delivered 2 days ago. Next time, try www.cdkeyhouse.com

    8 hours, 9 minutes

    Not that i'm counting or anything...

    Last edited 30/10/13 3:51 pm

    Same with the digital version for PS3 from the store. Even though I could walk into an EB tonight at midnight and pick it up, it is sitting on my PS3 hard drive and I'm guessing I can't play it til 10:31am on Friday (12:01am GMT in UK)

    With one more day of work and not being able to stay up because I start early I may just go insane with anticipation! Add me for a game on PC with me and my clan if you like :)

    Activated with a VPN last night and played for a couple of hours, its a lot of fun but the lag is absolutely insane.

    Im hoping its just because some spanners left their VPN on when they connected to the game which slowed it down for the rest of us.

    Think I'll give in and buy a key from ozgameshop tonight :P

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