A Warm Welcome To The Playable Ladies Of Grand Theft Auto Online

A Warm Welcome To The Playable Ladies Of Grand Theft Auto Online

Three out of my four playable GTA V characters might be male, but not one of them was greeted upon arrival in Los Santos with a rose and clumsy sexual advances.

Now I'm not judging. Our liaison to the world of Grand Theft Auto Online is none other than Franklin's pal Lamar Davis, and he reacts exactly how one would expect him to in the situation. I'm just disappointed we don't get the option to shoot him for it.


    You wanted the option to shoot him? Well where's my option to take him up on his offer!?

    I find men play as women in video games when given the option creepy.

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      Oh hey look, your character got as far as mine in the video. I have seen that damn intro more times than the GTA story loading screen
      (Soz, don't know how that became a reply to your comment)

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        I feel bad when I read this kind of stuff because my experience was completely perfect. I played no problems for about 3 or 4 hours. My friends in party chat had a world of problems though and couldn't pass (or even begin) the tutorial. Meanwhile I'm trying my best not to talk about how awesome it is.

          Lol, it's fine. I am kind of in the middle on the whole ordeal, I know they expected some issues, but at the same time this a little beyond being just a few isolated instances. I can get in to the online world just fine, but because I am forced in to a broken mission it stops any chance of even just exploring on my own.

          I feel like people are overcome with hype right now. After playing it last night and this morning, with myriad problems, my experience (even during the brief periods when it was working fine) was far from perfect.

          There is like 20% of the usual cars / pedestrians. How is that perfect, for a start?

            A friend and I got into a massive yank-tank truck and cranked rebel radio and went on a cross country convenience store robbery spree with cops sliding out off road and helicopters being shot down. At one point we arrived at a store being robbed by two other players so we waited for them to leave the store and we ran them down and took their cash.


              To be fair, that sounds great, and I'm glad you guys had a nice time.

              You know why everyone is robbing stores though? Because it's one of the very few things that isn't broken.

                Haha, I wouldn't know. It was just the thing that we happened to wind up doing. I have a feeling that, like GTA IV and Read Dead, the best fun was the fun we made ourselves. We'd laugh ourselves to the point of asphyxiation without doing any officially sanctioned activities.

                  Haha you're probably right. My brother shot one of my tyres out, and then I shot 3 of his out. Him trying to escape his wanted level? Priceless.

      I've played as a chick in Skyrim, Mass Effect, Fallout and GTA:IV. I felt in GTA it gave me a momentary advantage against some pervs haha (not kidding either)

      Then my friend, you would really not enjoy my skyrim folder.

      when you have to stare at your avatars backside for 39347 hrs, I know what i'd pick. Just sayin'

      I find it disappointing that there are people who aren't confident enough in themselves to know that a character in a game isn't a reflection of them.

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        Yeah, sometimes I wanna play the kind of person I fantasize about being. In Skyrim I was a charming master thief/assassin that looked similar to myself. Other times I want to play someone completely different, like in Mass Effect I played a female Shepard who was a no ruthless operative and I made decisions that were based on the women I thought her to be. That's the beauty of video games they let us escape.

        And let's admit it, if given the choice, probably every guy on the planet would become a women for a day.

        It's not that, I'm just assuming they're all pervs.

        After randomising my character I ended up with a short little white guy with scars all over his face and a shaven head. He looks like some kind of eastern bloc neo-nazi. I don't think he's a reflection of me.

          If you assume they all pervs that's saying a lot about you and nothing about them.

            It's the same people that like girlfriend pillows and JRPGs, right?

              Does Kotaku ever block people from commenting? If not, I think they should start with this guy..

          Because women always entail sexual connotations, right.

          If you think someone would only ever play a female for sexual reasons, then you have a very piss poor opinion of women that I don't even think you realize you have.

          Well, here's a question. How do you feel about females voluntarily playing male characters in games? Are they pervs too? Is there a reason you fall back on common gamer stereotypes rather than letting people have the benefit of the doubt? I have a couch you can lie on if that's more comfortable.

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        Dude, there are people who aren't even confident enough to share their achievements.

      I know this will sound contrite, but I honestly find it creepy when people think character gender matters so much.

      I find people who judge the perfectly acceptable behaviour of others as deviant to be shitlords.

      creepier than chicks that play as dudes? good one.

      I'm often forced to play as a man when I am not one

      does that make me creepy?

      you're the reason why there aren't many female protagonists in games.

      I mean, not you personally. But the mindset certainly won't help.

      well think about it, what would you like to be staring at hours on end? a guys ass or a females ass?

    I've wanted to waste Lamar since the start of the single player story.

      OMFG!! This!! And it's so frustrating that, when you try, it won't even shoot!

    Yeah but did you actually get to play any of GTA Online? No... because its still down.

      No problems for me been playing since 7pm last night Awst on Xbox Live

    Would it be better to have a woman (Mikes daughter or wife perhaps?) greet the male avatars in a similar way, or worse? I believe people would complain either way.

    At least you have the choice to choose, I generally prefer to play as female characters, so hooray for that.

      I don't actually see the author complaining about the encounter, he even qualifies it by saying that Lamar acts exactly how you would expect his character to.

      He's only disappointed he can't shoot Lamar.. because in GTA land you can shoot just about anyone you don't like.

        Aha, after re-reading it I do see that is what he was saying, which is totally fair.

    Did anyone else have issues with the polycount in the game when they first played online. Mine was constantly using the lower polygons. Then later in the evening it went back to looking good.

    Pretty weird.

    I attempted to make a female character on GTA:O...but I couldn't seem to make one that didn't either look like a Morlock or had a permanent duck face....

    I've now created two characters, but haven't actualy been able to make it into the game itself. Hopefully it wont be too long till they get the server issues sorted, as I've only 1 more story mission to go.

    Any Aussie PSN players please add me : xxRyan

    Ah! Is there any way by chance you remember the specifics you used to create that character? She so...doesn't look like she used meth for six years and them stopped. At least, that's how most female character models I've encountered come of to me.

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